If you’ve been following our email newsletters/updates or seen us online, chances are you’ve seen the tagline, “Working Together to Build New Mexico’s Tech Business Ecosystem” — or some variation of that. We think it’s true (and hope you do too), but it might help to provide a little background on why we find that important.

From time to time it’s appeared that the various people, groups and organizations charged with economic development haven’t worked together as well as they could, but many of us believe we have capabilities and assets that make New Mexico a better potential competitor in many more aspects of business than we emphasize now. At the Tech Council we believe that cultivating growth in the tech sector will truly unlock this potential.

Doing so requires that more than a single leader, company or organization be involved. Instead, we believe that a community with broad participation at all levels has the best chance of maximizing benefits and sustainable growth of the entire ecosystem.

That’s why we’ve always promoted the events and benefits of other organizations, and why you’re likely to see that continue to grow in 2012. A great example is the upcoming Joint Tech Association Social on December 14th, a truly collaborative effort of several of our state’s key associations. We plan to continue working together in ways both small and large.

The upcoming BarCamp event in Albuquerque (12/3) is also a good example. While there’s plenty of tech activity in the Albuquerque area and many of us continue to encourage cross-pollination, it’s been quite some time since people from many of these groups got together to share information, discuss and collaborate.

These two groups, the leadership of tech associations and an informal group of indie professionals, both stand to build connections and improve the health of our ecosystem as a whole.  Whether one, both or neither fits into your comfort zone, we hope you’ll consider participating.  We can’t work together without you.