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Yesterday morning, we witnessed something pretty incredible. Comcast opened their new bilingual customer support center in Albuquerque’s Renaissance corridor.
A 450-seat “call center” may seem like a blip on the radar for some. And some New Mexicans would argue that it’s the last thing we need in ABQ. But for our community and members, this particular expansion is so much more than it appears on the surface.
Let’s talk about why.
450 seats = 450 jobs. And these aren’t just any jobs. They are well-paying, local jobs open to a diverse workforce. In New Mexico, we often hear about some of our biggest employers having to outsource work to talent from out-of-state. But Comcast itself has invested more than $521 million in technology and infrastructure into New Mexico to-date, and this new expansion is projected to at least double the company’s local presence.
More importantly, this newest addition to our local economy is a testament to the effective teamwork and collaboration that we have seen growing in our state. Economic organizations, the state, the city, academic institutions, professional institutions, nonprofits and local companies are increasingly coming together to work towards a common goal – to grow jobs here in New Mexico.
CNM raised their hand to train new potential employees for the call center, AED worked with the city to show Comcast corporate that New Mexico was the absolute best place for expansion, and so much more.
We look forward to watching this momentum unfold, and hope to see similar opportunities for our local tech talent.
“New Mexico has become a competitive state to do business and we are thrilled that Comcast chose Albuquerque for their expansion,” said Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela. “We have a skilled and talented workforce and I know that here Comcast will find the best employees to make their bilingual customer support center a success.”