You’ve reached – and we have – a new site for the Tech Council, and it’s one we hope will grow with us and our community for the next several years. With it we have some new (and much needed) capabilities, and among them a new platform for blogging.  We’d like to get some better idea of what you might like to see and hear in this space. 

I happened to see a nice post in another blog I follow (The Enablers Netwwork from Didier Marlier) on what his followers were engaged with: based on the info he gets from Mailchimp, and while many of you know we’ve been using Mailchimp primarily for updates on events and activities in the statewide tech business scene, the blog here will add – we hope – some additional content worthy of reading.

As something of a baseline, our current mailing list serves over 1600 people with about 810 subscribed to the NMTC ‘Main’ List (1-2 weekly updates, primarily on events) and about 860 subscribed to ‘Shandra’s List’ (varies, but usually 2-4 weekly emails on news and events).  There’s surprisingly little overlap — and about 20 on the list who really aren’t subscribed to any content (I have to check in on them). We typically see about 20% of our subscribers open our email (about right for the industry) and 2% clicking on links (a little low). For email to NMTC members, we see about 50% open each with about 10% visiting links.

It’ll be interesting to see how this changes.

One of the popular posts Didier refers to is on Simon Sinek and the Power of Why – a topic we’ve wanted to share more here as well. Simon’s talk at TED (short version at puts for the idea that people respond more to the ‘why’ a company is doing something more than the ‘what’ of what the company’s selling. Even if you don’t agree, I think it’s useful to look at why you’re doing what you’re doing and see if it’s compelling not only to you, but to your potential customers and clients as well.

Why is the Tech Council doing what we’re doing?  Because we believe that a healthy tech community is essential to making New Mexico the best place it can be for not only work, but a satisfying life in general. We look forward to continuing that work – and this dialogue – with you.