As technology continues to advance it is important for New Mexico to have high speed internet! We are seeing 5g enter our horizons and in order for New Mexico to provide 5g we will need ultra high speed broadband.

The I 40 Corridor Project is an opportunity for members of NAU, ASU and cities along the I 40 corridor to collaborate on an initiative that would help connectivity in New Mexico. In April our members BigByte hosted an event covering just this, with speakers Gil Gonzales, former CIO of the University of New Mexico and Michael Sherman, Executive Director of the Sun Corridor Network at Arizona State University.

Gil Gonzales, former CIO of the University of New Mexico, travels across the state connecting key leaders in the broadband initiative in hopes that one day 100% connectivity across California, Arizona and New Mexico will become a reality. He says that the biggest problem the 40 Corridor faces is covering the 100 gigs of fiber between Indigo and Albuquerque. The 40 Corridor Project is designed to be a four-phase project that would start in Las Vegas and finish in New Mexico.

Gil Gonzales, former CIO of the University of New Mexico

Michael Sherman, Executive Director of the Sun Corridor Network at Arizona State University, explains that in order for the fiber problems of rural areas to get solved it will take a regional effort of: Universities, schools, national and regional networks, tribal communities, service providers, county and municipal Government, healthcare, economic development, private sector, fiber providers and worldwide technologies.


What’s Next?

Show Your Support

Michael Sherman invites you to express your support in the form of a Letter of Interest from your organization. He asks that you help gauge support and express it to policy makers, additional potential collaborators, and other stakeholders. Michael has provided the sample letter in the link below and encourages you to modify it as you see fit. Send all letters to Michael at

Sample Letter

Next Event

Join diverse private and public-sector stakeholders at the next 40 Corridor Project meeting. This meeting will address the need for robust, diverse, reliable high bandwidth along the I-40 corridor, which is increasingly critical to institutions, businesses, and communities in New Mexico, California, Arizona and Nevada.

Date: Thursday May 17th

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Location:  High Country Conference Center

201 W Butler Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ

More information/Questions:

Contact Lea Pochyla,