I have been talking about Technology Ventures Corporation’s CCET classes in past weeks and want to share with you another really cool service offered by TVC. Once a year, TVC holds its Deal Stream Summit (formerly known as the Equity Capital Symposium), an annual conference focused on starting, building and financing research-based technology, start-ups and innovators. By January of this year, start-ups and established companies were invited to submit business plans to TVC for selection to present at the Deal Stream Summit. My new company, Food Sentry, LLC, was one of nine companies selected to present and since mid-January, we’ve been meeting regularly with our project manager, George Friberg, and a team of advisors to polish our business plan and Summit presentation. Let me tell you, this is no easy task! Our adviors consist of business and IP attorneys, a retired banker, engineers, and even an Angel investor. They have helped us refine our business model and really take the business plan and presentation to the next level.

Last week we met at Tamaya with the other presenting companies for a dry-run of all of the presentations. The room was packed full of TVC advisors and the external advisors for all teams. Each company had 10 minutes on stage to practice their pitch in preparation for the April 3-5 event. Talk about a humbling experience! This is not a competition and each company has an opportunity to receive funding. Being able to share the room and stage in such a collaborative nature with so many incredible entreprenuers and their technologies was the experience of a lifetime. What start-up wouldn’t benefit from the advice and recommendations of so many experts and entreprenuers in the same room?

In case you’re interested, here are the nine companies selected to present at the Deal Stream Summit this year:

  • Asgard Enterprises LLC
  • Enerpulse Inc.
  • Food Sentry LLC
  • HT Microanalytical Inc.
  • IX Power LLC (“Nine Power”)
  • OBI Inc.
  • Rival Theory Inc.
  • RockinBoat LLC
  • TriLumina Inc.

Are you considering starting a business or have an idea that’s worthy of investment? I recommend you get involved with Technology Venture Corporation and let them help you strengthen your business case and prepare to raise funding from equity investors. The Deal Stream Summit is open to everyone – join us!