At last night’s ABQ WebGeeks / multigroup meetup we had nice representation from many of the key tech groups in the region, continuing on a theme that came up at the previous weekend’s Code66 mini hackathon: the continuing need to connect people and groups if we want to grow our local scenes into recognized hubs for activity.

New Mexico has many many great groups across the spectrum of software and hardware development, design, digital media production, entrepreneurship and more. Whether it’s a Meetup group, Google hangout or something else, please check these out and suggest your own.

At a different level, we’re also glad to be part of the “JT8” an informal coalition of New Mexico’s leading tech-based business associations. We’ll include more about the group elsewhere and at some other time, but you can find a full list here

(Apologies to those I’ve left out so far!)




Digital Media



Web/Mobile/Software Development

Other User Groups: