ARMA Rio Grande Chapter Spring Conference

Records Management Is The Foundation Of Compliance
Information is one of the most vital, strategic assets any organization possesses. Business advantage, privacy and regulatory requirements make managing information a business priority and a legal obligation.  As the volume of information born or stored digitally increases, concern increases over the ability to ensure records will continue to be managed, protected and accessible throughout their life cycle.  Join us as RIM/IG subject matter experts Peter Ambs, William Saffady, Ph.D. and Ryan Zilm, CRM, CIP, IGP share their expertise on:

  • Information Trends
  • Electronic records & data privacy
  • Electronic records management
  • Methods of calculating ROI for electronic records
  • IG Fundamentals
  • Establishing and IG Program

ICRM Preapproval Code: 20160201181220 (6.00 Hours)

Conference Session Information