Supercomputing Challenge Seeks Judges throughout New Mexico!

New Mexico is home to some remarkable organizations working in and around STEM education. One element that unites them all is the value of having real professionals in tech interact with our youth, providing the benefit of their experience and connections through judging, mentoring and visits. Please consider helping out!

(Not sure which organization might be a good fit? Try contacting us and we’ll try to help.)


The Supercomputing Challenge,, is looking for judges to help with Project Evaluations around the state on Saturdays during February. The Challenge teams, of one to five students, come and present their work thus far and judges evaluate their projects and presentations and offer suggestions for the teams to work on during the last two months of the Challenge. Judges fill out a copy of the rubric which can be seen at:

The current schedule of events is posted at:

with details at:

If you are willing to help out at any site, please drop an email to