Innovate New Mexico Student Pitch Competition

Innovate NM Student Pitch
This will be an exciting event in which you will hear University of New Mexico (UNM), New Mexico State University (NMSU), and New Mexico Tech (NMT) students pitch their technology or business ideas (not-for-profit and for-profit) at a brewery. The audience will view live 90-second pitches from students and participate by voting for the winners!
Sponsored by Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.
Help support these aspiring entrepreneurs who are part of New Mexico’s thriving startup community.


Eventbrite - STC Seminar: Understanding Start-Up Financing�From Seed to Venture Capital
In lieu of a registration fee, please consider a donation to the Pitch Competition Fund at
If you are a student interested in participating or for any general questions, please contact STC.UNM at

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Brain Hackers Neuro Expo at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History


NeuroExpoABQ is a festival celebrating the brain, its many curiosities and the emerging, readily accessible technologies for studying the brain.  NeuroExpoABQ brings together the next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators to share their interests.

NeuroExpoABQ emphasizes the work of middle and high school-aged youth, yet welcomes college students, professionals and hobbyists who are actively exploring brain science and related neurotechnologies.  Exhibits will cover a range topics which includes:

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality visualization of the brain

  • Brain-controlled robots, games and devices

  • Neural- and biologically-inspired robotics and computing

  • Measurement of brain and related physiological processes

  • Innovative human-computer interfaces

  • Demonstrations of brain and behavioral phenomenon

  • Brain-inspired art and film

  • Brain science-based analysis of popular culture

  • Practical applications of brain science and neurotechnologies

  • Innovations in teaching brain sciecne

There is no cost to exhibit.  To register an exhibit, visit the event website

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New Mexico Tech First Annual Inventors and Entrepreneurs Conference

NM Mining


On April 15th and 16th New Mexico Tech  is hosting the first ever

Inventors & Entrepreneurs Workshop on campus in Socorro, NM

Come meet: the world famous Marty Cooper inventor of the Cell Phone; Bill Seidel, CEO of America Invents; Nola Masterson, CEO of Science Futures, Inc.; Bob Parker, holder of 80 patents from the Mood Ring to the Duracell Battery Tester; Lionel Leventhal, one of NYC major technology investors; Frank Etscorn, inventor of the Nicotine Patch, and many more

“From Your Mind to the Market”

Business Start-up Workshop

Sponsored by: US Patent & Trademark Office, Peacock Myers, PC, Inventors Digest, Technology Ventures Corporation, Innovate Product Design, Licensing Executives Society, plus more

Special sessions on Starting a Business, Building a Team, Funding a Start-up, etc.

A hands-on program to turn your big idea into a successful product.

This is the first annual event to stimulate invention and innovation and inspire attendees.

You will leave with new knowledge from those who have done it, plus a tote bag full of info.


Dr. Daniel Lopez, President, New Mexico Tech

Deborah Peacock, Chair, New Mexico Tech Board of Regents

Andy Lim, Founder, LAVU, Albuquerque, NM

Bill Seidel, America Invents, Sebastopol, CA

Martin Cooper, Cell Phone Inventor

Larry Udell, Licensing Executives Society and New Mexico Tech


Deborah Peacock, Chair, New Mexico Tech Board of Regents

John Chavez, President, New Mexico Angels, Albuquerque, NM

Craig Kenesky, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, New York, NY

David Pesiri, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Los Alamos, NM

John Hood, Zephyr Holdings, Albuquerque, NM

Lionel Leventhal, HoulihanLokey, New York, NY

David Hartford, Aeris Capital, Palo Alto, CA

Nola Masterson, Science Futures, Palo Alto, CA

Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures, Palo Alto, CA

Andres Salazar, Technology Ventures Corporation, Albuquerque, NM

Tom Stephenson, Verge Fund, Albuquerque, NM

Mitchell Kirschner, MIK Development, Inc., New York, NY

Stuart Rose, New Mexico Bioscience Center, Albuquerque, NM

Bill Seidel, CEO of America Invents, Inc., Sebastopol, CA

Kathy Hansen, Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM


Similar to the popular Shark Tank television show, New Mexico Tech’s own Wolves’ Den will feature inventors presenting their ideas to a panel of successful, experienced investors and entrepreneurs. Presenters will be selected based on invention summaries submitted to a NMT committee. The basis for the Wolves’ Den is intellectual property (IP). All presenting inventors will be showcasing commercialization ideas that are built around IP that is either protected or protectable.
IP may be protected in many ways, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. There is no restriction on the type of protection – or potential protection – but all Wolves’ Den presentations will be IP based.
Wolves’ Den presenters will be competing for funding and/or legal in-kind services that may be used to advance their innovation to commercialization.
The Wolves’ Den panel is set to consist of six members who are prominent investors and early- stage commercialization experts who come from New Mexico, New York City, and Palo Also, CA.
Inventors attending the workshop cannot bring their prototypes, etc. to the event unless they have been chosen as a Wolves Den presenter.

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STC.UNM Presents Innovate New Mexico Student Pitch Competition 4/25/16

Innovate NM Student Pitch


Would you like to win money to help turn your idea into a reality? Top 5 teams will split the Innovate New Mexico Competition Fund. Students with product ideas, crazy innovations, a genuine startup, or just a desire to practice their presentation skills are encouraged to enter.  Open to New Mexico Tech, New Mexico State University and the University of New Mexico students.


To be eligible to compete in the Innovate New Mexico Student Pitch Competition, you must submit an application with your video submission by April 11th, 2016.
Instructions and Guidelines:
There will be two rounds in the competition.
Submission Criteria for First Round
Record a 90 second video of a student or team of students delivering an elevator pitch for your business/idea. Videos should capture student(s) delivering the pitch to the camera. The pitch should be delivered in a single take. Videos should not be edited together or produced with visuals or effects. This doesn’t mean it needs to be filmed on the first take, but there should be no post-production done to the pitch (i.e. don’t edit two halves of different takes together). Avoid reading from scripts or cue cards. Please be sure to record the video in a reasonably quiet environment to make it easier for the judges to hear and understand. Avoid recording outdoors or in loud hallways.
A panel of judges will view the video submissions and determine the finalists that will move on to the Final Round at Bow and Arrow Brewing on April 25, 2016.  Finalists will be announced by April 18, 2016.
Final Round
Finalists will present a 90-second “live” pitch to at an evening reception on April 25, 2016 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm in front of the business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and others in the community. Winners will be determined by audience voting.

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The ABQ Homeschool Engineering and Robotics Team Needs Your Support

Recently, the Albuquerque Home School Engineering and Robotics Team (AHERT) Ravens – FIRST FTC team #5132 was very successful winning the AZ/NM FTC State Championship as part of the winning alliance scoring the highest score of the day and beating out more than 30 other teams.
The program can be summarized as a challenging STEM program that is a sport for the mind where 100% of the team can and will go pro, entering our workforce and helping to shape the future of New Mexico.  We’re sure many of our NMTC members would like to show these talented future leaders that we support them and that New Mexico stands with them to help them reach their potential.
The team is now heading into the broader series of competitions that take them from California and the Super Regional Tournament to St. Louis Missouri and the World Championship.  This community based team needs help to get there and to have the parts, tools and equipment that they need to compete against the best in the world.
Any level of support would be greatly appreciated, no donation too small or too large.  Donations can be made online here.
The budget for their upcoming events is:
$7,000 for Oakland CA competition March 24-26 (help needed as soon as possible)
$12,000 for St Louis World Championship April 23-26
This funding goes to support the robot parts, tools, technology equipment and travel for these things to and from the tournaments. The program also offers scholarships for students who cannot otherwise attend without financial support.
This is an opportunity for the NMTC business community to show how we value high achieving dedicated students. This team does not come from any one school or city.  They represent students from Rio Rancho, Bernalillo and Albuquerque. They come from a variety of local schools and independent education options.  A true representation of our local talent. This support will create the change that we seek for education in New Mexico.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, visit their website or contact Manny Barrera, PE – Head Coach

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NM Fast SBIR / STTR Phase 1 Proposal Development Workshop

NM Fast

You’re Invited to the
SBIR / STTR Phase 1 Proposal Development Workshop with DOE emphasis
Facilitated by Todd Bisio
This comprehensive workshop will provide an overview of the SBIR/STTR programs, with an emphasis on those at the Department of Energy (DOE).  Learn about the details behind “America’s seed fund” – the Federal SBIR/STTR process and the process to develop a competitive Phase 1 proposal.
The workshop will provide:

  • An overview of the SBIR/STTR program and the three phases
  • An overview of the agencies that offer SBIR/STTR grants and contracts
  • An overview of the DoE SBIR/STTR program
  • DoE SBIR/STTR eligibility information
  • The difference between SBIR and STTR proposals
  • How to search for particular topics
  • How to write a successful SBIR/STTR proposal
  • DoE solicitation open and closing dates

While the workshop will emphasize the DOE, the information provided will be relevant to other SBIR/STTR awarding agencies.
When: Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Where: San Juan College, Quality Center for Business – Room QCB 5017, Farmington, NM 87402
Register: Please register here or at
About Todd Bisio

Todd serves the Arrowhead Center as an entrepreneurial advisor for the NM FAST Partnership Program. Based in Albuquerque, he leverages his experience and relationships in economic development, technology transfer and business management to help other small business concerns to submit high quality SBIR/STTR proposals and with the commercialization strategies to increase the probability of awards. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Financial Management from NMSU in 1994 and was a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Excelerator (ELE) Program in 2005. Todd was honored to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Business at NMSU in 2011. He serves on several boards and advisory councils throughout the state of New Mexico.
The NM FAST Partnership Program, housed at Arrowhead Center, provides small businesses with: 

  • Assistance in identifying appropriate solicitations and topic areas
  • How-to information on agency registrations and electronic proposal submission
  • Guidance on proposal preparation, including assessments of technical objectives and hypotheses and drafting supporting documents (e.g., biographical sketches, resources, and budgets)
  • Specifics on the target agency’s requirements for commercialization content in Phase I/Phase II proposals
  • Technical reviews and edits of proposals, with feedback

In addition, NM FAST will provide select first-time awardees micro-funds of $695 to cover the expenses of professional services (e.g. Commercialization Plan Assistance, Development Partner Identification Assistance, Research Partner Identification Assistance, Counsel on Patents and Technology Licensing, and Indirect Cost Rate Advisement) for proposal development.

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Reinventing Our City 2.0, Growing Albuquerque's Startup Economy

Join Albuquerque Business First and a group of high-profile startup entrepreneurs, funders and experts as we explore Albuquerque’s push to grow our own entrepreneurs. Albuquerque’s leaders have said this city has to learn to fail as well as succeed in order to truly become an entrepreneurial community. We’ll hear about the ups and downs of startup life from those who’ve lived it. The speakers include Molly Cernicek, CEO of SportXast; Hong Hou, venture partner at ARCH Venture Partners; Raghu Kopalle, founder and CEO of innoBright; John Mierzwa, director of STEMulus initiatives at Central New Mexico Community College; and Federica Pericle, president and CEO of Agilvax. Gary Oppedahl, Director of the CABQ Economic Development Department, will give the event’s opening remarks, and Bill Bice, chairman and president of ABQid, will give closing remarks.

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Startup Teen Entrepreneurs Program Seeks High School Students for July

Startup Teen organizers Taylor Chavez & Thomas Abeyta with NMTC Community Manager Eric Renz-Whitmore and Bosque Schools' Marisa Gay

Startup Teen organizers Taylor Chavez & Thomas Abeyta with NMTC Community Manager Eric Renz-Whitmore and Bosque Schools’ Marisa Gay

Keeping kids in school and learning (which helps them lead better, healthier, better compensated lives) is largely a matter of making learning more relevant. The lean startup approach has been doing a great job of that, getting many young people and proving some necessity for math, science and communications skills. And since we also want to encourage more entrepreneurial ‘culture’ teaching kids about entrepreneurial opportunities early on can make a big difference in all sorts of ways. 

That’s why we’re so excited about the forthcoming Startup Teen Entrepreneurs program from the same dynamic folks who brought us the world’s first Startup Weekend by teens for teens. Here are the basics (

The Startup Teen Entrepreneurs Summer Program for high school students in 9th-12th grades.

The program is July 14-18, 2014. This program will emulate Startup Weekend Teen Albuquerque. High school students will follow the global grassroots movement, Startup Weekend, of active and empowered community leaders and entrepreneurs, who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful business ventures. This week-long program will focus on economic development and business start ups all designed and created by teens. Beginning with overviews of the economic scenario in New Mexico, leading to open-mic pitches and business development, and finally presenting the business plans to a panel of judges, attendees will learn and create what millions of Americans only dream about doing. The students will learn about customer development, validating their ideas, marketing, programming, practicing LEAN Startup methodologies, and ultimately building a minimal viable product.

Cost for the week is $145, but scholarships and other ways to make attending easier are available. Find more info and registration at:

See a video interview from uPublic’s “The Morning Brew with Larry Ahrens” featuring student organizer Thomas Abeyta and Bosque School Director of Communications, Marisa Gay HERE.

If you have kids of your own or in your extended family – or know of others who do, please consider passing this along!


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