Exit Strategies Series – Acquiring a Business

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The Exit Strategies Series offers five fact-filled sessions designed to give you information on everything you need to know before deciding on when and how to buy or sell your business or engage in succession planning. Gather a wealth of information from the experts in each two-hour session.
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Sessions are $49 each or $199 for the entire series
Light breakfast and beverages provided
This session provides a comprehensive framework for selling your business. Take a look at the involvement of business brokers vs. investment bankers. Then ask yourself a series of questions to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. Who needs to be on the team? What’s your timeframe? What part of the business are you selling? Examine components like assets or stock. Consider the marketplace and explore what makes one business more saleable than another, then define your transaction structure including price and terms. This two hour session is designed to save you time and effort in meeting your goal.
• The Selling Process: Business Brokers vs. Investment Bankers
• Creating a team to sell a business
• Timeframe for selling
• Key marketplace variables that make one business more sell-able than another
• Selling assets vs. selling stock
• Transaction Structure: Price and Terms
Instructor: Dennis Houston


Dennis Houston

Dennis Houston, Business Sale Process; Acquiring a Business; Employee Stock Option Plans
Dennis Houston is CMA and president of True North Business Navigation Professionals. His executive career as a Controller, CFO, Vice-President, and corporate officer has spanned over thirty years and includes positions in private industry working at Enviro, Ktech Corp, and General Technology Corp. His career also includes working as a private consultant for mid-market business owners planning exit strategies and representing them in the sale of their businesses. He has supported Albuquerque Economic Development and the City of Albuquerque in local existing business development program efforts for the past ten years.
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