Skirmishes Along the CyberFront

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on anti-spam organization Spamhaus has been slowing down the internet. In an ongoing skirmish between them and Dutch hosting company, CyberBunker, the attacks had grown to 300 gigabits per second of traffic to overwhelm Spamhaus’ defenses – and congestion on several Tier 1 networks, particularly in Europe. 

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Between coverage of Mandiant’s APT1 Report (about a Chinese hacker unit alleged to have breached security at both the New York Times and Washington Post among others), and some time on the topic of cyberwarfare during the President’s State of the Union address, the cyberthreats we face have become a lot more real to a great many more people. 

This all is little surprise to most cybersecurity professionals. And why it’s more important than ever for those of us who use the internet for their work to learn more.  And why we’re particularly excited to welcome Mandiant’s Carrie Jung for our next Cybersecurity working group meeting on April 9th at (more info here).

We hope you’ll join us!