Comcast is Making Internet Access Possible for Low-income New Mexicans

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Having internet access in the home is essential for many important opportunities, including:

  • Job research and applications
  • Health care information
  • Online educational opportunities for both children and adults
  • Ease of comparing purchase prices and finding the best deals
  • Manage finances or research other things that would be a benefit

Low-income households often can’t afford internet access. So, many are left without access to the great resources they can find online.

Internet access for $9.95 a month

To combat the disparity for low-income New Mexicans, six years ago Comcast introduced their Internet Essentials Program (the information is also available in Spanish.) Since the program’s founding, Comcast New Mexico has connected more than 88,000 New Mexicans (in 22,000 households) for $9.95 a month plus tax, most for the first time.
New Mexicans can qualify for the program if they have at least one child who is eligible for the National School Lunch Program, or if they receive HUD housing assistance.
The program also includes an option to purchase an Internet-ready computer for less than $150 and access to free digital literacy training in print, online and in person.

Increased Internet Service Speed

This year, new and existing customers can enjoy increased speeds of up to 15/2 Mbps. This speed is adequate for three devices to stream an HD video at the same time.
Also, participants in the program will receive 40 hours of free WiFi access via Xfinity WiFi hotspots. A hotspot is a wireless connection available outside the home. So, users can take their laptops with them and find a hotspot for internet access. Also, instead of relying on cell data for mobile devices like phones, users can connect to a hotspot.
We’re proud to say that Comcast New Mexico is a partner and member of the NMTC. If you’re interested in becoming a member of NMTC, check out our member page.

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Learn About the CNM New Mexico Information Technology Apprenticeship Program

In New Mexico and nationwide, Information Technology (IT) jobs are growing while workers continue to lack the skills needed to meet the demand. In New Mexico alone, the IT sector is expected to grow 20.7% between 2010 and 2020.
CNM Ingenuity Inc. has developed an Information Technology Apprenticeship Program (NMITAP) designed to bridge the gap between qualified applicants and employers. Learn about the program from John Mierzwa, Director of STEMulus Initiatives as he sits down with New Mexico Technology Council Executive Director Nyika Allen.
If you are an employer looking to hire or interested in becoming an apprenticeship, visit the NMITAP website for Frequently Asked Questions and more.
The New Mexico Technology Council will be hosting a free breakfast and informational session for employers on August 10th. Register here to attend.


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Learn About Rural Sourcing Inc.

Watch our recent interview with Margaux Kaynard, Vice President of Human Resources and Recruiting for Rural Sourcing Inc. They connect organizations with qualified, talented IT professionals and believe domestic outsourcing is smarter outsourcing. Rural Sourcing Inc. recently opened offices in New Mexico, bringing numerous high tech, technology oriented jobs to the state.
Margaux talk’s about the company’s growth and opening an office in Albuquerque.

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Brain Hackers Neuro Expo at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History


NeuroExpoABQ is a festival celebrating the brain, its many curiosities and the emerging, readily accessible technologies for studying the brain.  NeuroExpoABQ brings together the next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators to share their interests.

NeuroExpoABQ emphasizes the work of middle and high school-aged youth, yet welcomes college students, professionals and hobbyists who are actively exploring brain science and related neurotechnologies.  Exhibits will cover a range topics which includes:

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality visualization of the brain

  • Brain-controlled robots, games and devices

  • Neural- and biologically-inspired robotics and computing

  • Measurement of brain and related physiological processes

  • Innovative human-computer interfaces

  • Demonstrations of brain and behavioral phenomenon

  • Brain-inspired art and film

  • Brain science-based analysis of popular culture

  • Practical applications of brain science and neurotechnologies

  • Innovations in teaching brain sciecne

There is no cost to exhibit.  To register an exhibit, visit the event website

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