There are a handful of efforts underway to promote a positive view of Albuquerque (and New Mexico) businesses and innovators. We at the Tech Council have one too.

The concept is fairly simple. We’ve partnered with local startup ABQ Newscastic to provide a social media friendly platform to share stories from organizations and associations like ours, businesses as well as more traditional news sources. Ideally this both promotes the various sources (all* stories link back to these sources), while at the same time it aggregates positive stories, special news and developments that those wishing to promote our region can point to. 

It’s an experiment really. And an exercise in customer validation. So we ask you to consider supporting these efforts. 

The main ‘newscast’ is here:

Most of our posts and many shares are posted on Facebook:

And a similar set of posts can be found on Twitter:

Have a press release, blog post or story you’d like us to share? Drop us a line at

PNM and the City of Albuquerque are both providing financial support for this effort, hence the #PNMInnovation hashtag you’ll see. We’re happy to be working with them and other partners like uPublic to help change the story and image of Albuquerque and its recognition as an up and coming hub for tech innovation. Whether it’s our effort or others, we hope you’ll continue to contribute to a truly thriving ecosystem. 

*Once a month or more we’ll also have a story from the NewsCastic network or one we put together our selves. Please let us know if you’re interested.