Santa Fe Institute is hosting a statewide student research and practice symposium on Computational Thinking on Dec 7th. The Symposium is similar to undergraduate research symposia that other institutions host but this one is focused on computational thinking.  They seek participation from companies whose work involves this approach. 

For the purpose of this symposium, computational thinking is defined as: “Computational Thinking entails using the skills, habits and approaches integral to solving problems on a computer (e.g. abstraction, automation and analysis).” The computational thinker engages in a creative process to solve problems, design products, automate systems, or improve understanding by defining, modeling, qualifying and refining systems, processes or mechanism generally through the use of computers. Computational thinking often occurs in collaboration with others. 

They’d like to invite you to represent your company and participate in any of the following ways:

1) speak about internship opportunities offered by your company as part of a panel.

2) serve as a poster judge who will evaluate student CT posters and decide which posters will be awarded cash prizes.

3) participate in informal lunch discussions on CT opportunities with students. 

For more details please see the symposium website:

If you’d like to participate, please apply for the symposium at