New Mexico is the best value for software development in the U.S.

New Mexico has an opportunity to create many new software development jobs through an initiative to make New Mexico known as the best value in the U.S. for software development.

This effort will leverage New Mexico’s skilled tech talent workforce and low cost of doing business, to bring contracts to New Mexico and allow local software development firms to create high-paying software jobs in our state.

Successful models for industry marketing strategy include the New Mexico True and Visit ABQ efforts.

New Mexico’s Value

U.S. companies and agencies are outsourcing much of their software development to expensive software firms in major metropolitan areas around the U.S.

New Mexico represents a 20% – 40% lower cost opportunity than the national average for software talent; therefore, timing is perfect to launch a funded, sustained initiative to let companies and agencies outside the state know about the talent and value they will find when contracting with firms here in New Mexico.

New Mexico is perfectly situated as a hub for domestic sourcing activities.

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