The Quantum Computing

Quantum Technology Peer Group

The primary purpose of this peer group is to create a dynamic forum for individuals to learn about and capitalize on the second quantum revolution. Specifically, we hope to:

        1. Create a confluence of tech leaders and Quantum Information Science (QIS) experts from across NM to advance QIS for the benefit of the broader community
        2. Provide a platform for interested parties to learn about quantum
        3. Foster new partnerships and capture new collaboration opportunities
        4. Share information on shared goals, upcoming opportunities, and ways to establish NM as a world leader in QIS

Curious about Quantum Computing and want to learn more? Please feel free to join us, technical experience and knowledge are not a prerequisite to attend and participate in this peer group. 


The Quantum Computing Peer Group meets on the 1st Thursday of each month. 

Click the button to the right to register for the Quantum Computing Peer Group sessions and see the events calendar. 

If you are interested in presenting at a peer group meeting or have questions, please email:

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Quantum Peer Group Chair

Jake Douglass 


Quantum Business Development Lead

Sandia National Labs

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