New Mexico Technology Council Member Profiles

Each month, NMTC features a member making significant change in the growing technology landscape here in New Mexico. Our outstanding members are always creating significant value for New Mexicans. Whether through business development, industry innovation, and more. Join us every month as we feature amazing companies that positively impact the NM technology landscape.

A Conversation With Jill Meyers, Director of Genuen

This month, we are excited to chat with Jill Meyers, Director of Genuen. A leader in end-to-end test solutions, we are thrilled to have Genuen as an NMTC member.

Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan.

Our slogan is “Ideas Taking Flight”.

In three sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products your provide.

Genuen provides engineering services for development and support of complex automated test solutions. We primarily work on mission critical systems for the aerospace, transportation and national security communities. Hundreds of global product developers and manufacturers have trusted Genuen to help solve complex technology challenges for the past 30 years–especially in highly regulated industries.

What is your organization’s super power?

Although Genuen formed in 2020, it was created through a merger of two technology companies that had been highly successful for almost 30 years. With this, our blended team has extraordinary experience in the type of work we perform.

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?

New Mexico is a growing hub for advanced technology in both the national security and aerospace markets, and also has top talent coming out of all universities. We pride ourselves on being part of the NM technology and business community and look forward to growing our presence even more.

Why did you join NMTC and/or what do you hope to gain by being part of the membership?

Genuen joined NMTC this year to have the opportunity to collaborate with other high-tech companies in the state.

Learn more about Genuen and the amazing contributions this innovative company is bringing to New Mexico!