What's New in the New Mexico Tech Scene?


Member Monday | Roadrunner 3D

  NMTC Member Spotlight | August 3, 2020 An interview with Steve Hull, President       Company: Roadrunner 3D Stats: Est. in 2019 | nine employees with support from parent company, Westwind Mission: Dream + Design + Develop Founded by a team with a history of connecting technology with those who [...]

Member Monday | Tillman Cyber Services, LLC

    NMTC Member Spotlight | July 20, 2020 An interview with Chad Cooper, Principal, Operations       Company: Tillman Cyber Services, LLC Stats: Est. in July of 2019 | four employees We are a growing start-up with multiple business opportunities, and we are looking forward to adding to and [...]

Member Monday | CNM + CNM Ingenuity

  NMTC Member Spotlight | July 13, 2020 An interview with Victor Leon, CIO, CNM and Andrea Sisneros-Wichman, Program Director, CNM Ingenuity, Inc.       Company: Central New Mexico Community College and CNM Ingenuity, Inc. Stats on CNM: Est. in 1965 | 1,982 faculty and staff Stats on CNM Ingenuity: Est. in 2014 [...]

Member Monday | Versatile MED Analytics

    NMTC Member Spotlight | June 29, 2020 An interview with Angelica Bruhnke, MS, CEO Company: Versatile MED Analytics (aka VMA) Stats: Est. in 2017 in NM | core team of 7 | VMA has worked or currently works with clients from NM and other states, including FL, TX, IL, OK, [...]

Member Monday | Rural Sourcing

    NMTC Member Spotlight | June 22, 2020 An interview with Mia Petersen, Senior Human Resources Manager Company: Rural Sourcing Stats: Est. in 2007 | 532 employees across six states Mission: Our Story Starts & Stays in the U.S. Founded with the goal of connecting companies with talented, qualified IT professionals [...]

Member Monday | Sabio Systems

    NMTC Member Spotlight | June 15, 2020 An interview with Leah Pelletier, CSP, Division Manager Strategy & Business Development Company: Sabio Systems Stats: Est. in NM in 2006 | 8 employees  Mission: To make New Mexico the most desirable place to live and work, one employer and one employee at a [...]

Member Monday | Metis Technology Solutions

    NMTC Member Spotlight | June 8, 2020 An interview with Joy Colucci, CEO & Owner, 2018 NMTC Women in Technology Honoree Company: Metis Technology Solutions, Inc. Stats: Est. in 2011 | 110 employees in six states Mission: ‘Crafting Technology Solutions’ – in addition to being a moon of Jupiter, Metis [...]

Member Monday | Kosh Solutions

      NMTC Member Spotlight | June 1, 2020 Company: Kosh Solutions Stats: Est. in 2005 in NM | 25 employees Mission: To have the most highly regarded and professional IT staff in the industry, that love their job and their customers.         What industry does your company represent?  Information [...]