What's New in the New Mexico Tech Scene?


Member Monday | Fab Lab Hub LLC

    NMTC Member Spotlight | February 22, 2021 An interview with Sarah Boisvert, Founder & CEO       Company: Fab Lab Hub, LLC Stats: Est. in 2018 | 4 employees, including 3 U.S. Dept. of Labor registered apprenticeships for additive manufacturing technicians | 2-4 interns from Santa Fe Community College [...]

Member Monday | Datacequia

Interview with Andrew Padilla, Owner Company Datacequia, LLC Stats Established in 2019 | Single employee Slogan At the confluence of knowledge and insight. What does your company do/what industry do you represent? Data management consulting with a focus on management of data engineering projects and teams. What makes your [...]

Member Monday | Be Greater Than Average

    NMTC Member Spotlight | February 1, 2021 An interview with Dr. Shelly Gruenig, Founder & CEO.       Company: Be Greater Than Average and our nonprofit partner, R4Creating. Story: In 2008, I worked with four students who were interested in becoming STEM entrepreneurs to use their Competitive Robotics experience [...]

Member Monday | Ingenuity Software Labs

      NMTC Member Spotlight | January 25, 2021 An interview with John Mierzwa, CEO & Cofounder       Company: Ingenuity Software Labs Stats: Est. in 2015 | Six employees I started Ingenuity Software Labs in 2015 while running the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamps at CNM. We spun our [...]

Member Monday | Global Supply Chain Associates

      NMTC Member Spotlight | January 11, 2021 An interview with Oscar  Quiñonez, Founder & CEO       Company: Global Supply Chain Associates Stats: Est. in 2019 | Three employees Mission: GSC is committed to providing guidance to companies seeking to optimize supply chains, control costs, and operational leadership [...]

Member Monday | Steady Networks

  NMTC Member Spotlight | November 30, 2020 Company: Steady Networks  Stats: Est. in 2012 | 16 employees Mission: To provide predictable IT results for small and medium businesses. What industry does your company represent? Managed IT Services. What makes your company or organization unique? Our teamwork and unique proactive approach to managing IT. [...]

Member Monday | Verus Research

    NMTC Member Spotlight | November 16, 2020 An interview with Hank Andrews, Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer       Company: Verus Research  Stats: Est. in 2014 | 99 employees, 91 based in NM Mission: Create and maintain a collaborative environment at the forefront of the latest scientific research and technological [...]

Member Monday | Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers

  NMTC Member Spotlight | October 12, 2020       Company: Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers Stats: Est. in 1951 | 134 employees across NM, CO and AZ Slogan: Provide engineering solutions to serve our clients and enhance our communities.       What industry does your company represent? We are part [...]

Member Monday | HOLMANS USA

  NMTC Member Spotlight | October 5, 2020 An interview with Phil Abeyta, Director of Sales, SLED & Commercial Division       Company: HOLMANS USA Stats: Est. in 1955 | 40 employees Slogan: Technology Excellence.       What industry does your company represent? Technology Solutions for SLED, Commercial and Federal. What makes [...]

Member Monday | Comcast

    NMTC Member Spotlight | September 21, 2020 An interview with Chris Dunkeson, Area Vice President       Company: Comcast Stats: Est. in 1963 by Ralph Roberts | 600+ employees in New Mexico | 140,000+ nationwide Mission: Comcast creates incredible technology and entertainment that connects millions of people to the [...]