What's New in the New Mexico Tech Scene?


Welcome Julia Monge, Membership Development Manager

Julia Monge has joined the New Mexico Technology Council as the organization’s new Membership Development Manager. She brings years of experience in tech nonprofit leadership to the Council. Previously, Monge worked as a Program Manager at DiverseIT where they focused on bridging the technology divide by making tech more accessible [...]

Member Monday | Teeniors®

Interview with Trish Lopez, Founder & CEO Mission Teeniors® are tech-savvy teens who help seniors (or any-aged person) learn technology through one-on-one coaching. Whether it's a smartphone, computer, or software, our goal is to empower older adults – to connect with their loved ones, engage with their communities, and [...]

Member Monday | Advanced Technology Initiatives

Interview with Adam Gibson, Owner Mission ATI’s focus as technology evangelists demands we remain actively at the forefront of emerging technology trends. We hold memberships in multiple professional organizations and look to be influencers in the adoption and utilization of technology. However, we also pride ourselves on remaining grounded, [...]

Member Monday | Market Ascent

Interview with Erika Hecht, Founder & Principal Consultant Company Market Ascent Mission Our mission is to grow technology companies and learning organizations by improving their marketing, increasing their sales and making a greater impact. Our slogan is to: accelerate your marketing and business performance without wasted sales cycles. What [...]

Member Monday | Graybird Innovations

Interview with Bob Foster, Managing Member Company Graybird Innovations, LLC Mission We consistently deliver meaningful results by offering pragmatic solutions to familiar obstacles. What does your company do/what industry do you represent? Project Management Training Operations Management Management Consulting Career Coaching/Mentorship Business Process Improvement We consider ourselves generalists, but hospitality [...]

Member Monday | RESPEC

Interview with Dan Donoghue, Business Lead Company RESPEC Stats RESPEC was founded in 1969 and is an employee-owned company that has over 400 employees and annual revenues above $75 million. RESPEC has been in New Mexico since 1988. Mission As an Integrated Solutions Partner, RESPEC is a globally eminent [...]

Member Monday | Santa Fe Alliance for Science

Interview with Diane Smogor, Executive Director Company The Santa Fe Alliance for Science (SFAFS) Stats Our organization was co-founded in 2005 by Robert (“Bob”) Eisenstein, a nuclear and particle physicist, and Susan McIntosh, M.A, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Science Initiative, Founding Co-Director of the Santa Fe Children’s [...]

Member Monday | UNM Rainforest Innovations

Interview with Lisa Kuuttila, President & Chief Economic Officer Company UNM Rainforest Innovations (formerly known as STC.UNM) Stats UNM Rainforest Innovations was first created in 1995 (under the name Science & Technology Corporation) by the University of New Mexico Board of Regents to commercialize university inventions. We currently have [...]