What's New in the New Mexico Tech Scene?


Member Monday | SandboxLife®

Interview with Vanessa Valore, Founder & CEO Mission Helping as many people and ecosystems with innovative cross-platform technologies for the purpose of wellness within humanity and extreme environments. What does your company do? SandboxLife ® is gameplay with a purpose - gamification of Neuroscience for memory improvement and troubleshooting body [...]

Member Monday | Kosh Solutions

Interview with Koert Council, Cofounder Mission To have the most highly regarded and professional IT staff in the industry, that love their job and create a remarkable experience. What does your company do? Kosh Solutions is a leading IT solution provider in the Southwest, delivering reliable, consistent, and expert technical [...]

Member Monday | Ascendion

Interview with Bill Moreland, Account Manager Mission Be Bold, Be Kind. That may sound like something from a corporate marketing cubicle, but it’s not. It summarizes who we are: a culture of high-performing innovators with brash ideas and a passion for the power of technology. What does your company do? [...]

Member Monday | Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

Interview with Rhynda Stephens, Business Relations Manager Mission Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. What does your company do? For 66 years, Girls Inc. of Santa Fe has inspired girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold. We provide girls throughout Santa Fe with life-changing experiences and real [...]

FCC Kicks Off Grant Program to Raise Nationwide Awareness of Affordable Connectivity Program

FCC KICKS OFF GRANT PROGRAM TO RAISE NATIONWIDE AWARENESS OF AFFORDABLE CONNECTIVITY PROGRAM Outreach Grants to Focus on Reaching Historically Unserved and Underserved Communities, Including Tribal Communities   -- WASHINGTON, November 10, 2022—The Federal Communications Commission today announced it has created four complementary grant programs to promote the Affordable Connectivity Program [...]

Announcing New NMTC Board Members

Recently, the New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) announced new members to its Board of Directors. The NMTC Board is comprised of 38 business leaders from across the state.  NMTC Executive Director, Mia Petersen, said, “We are thrilled to welcome the new directors onto our board. NMTC is very fortunate to have such a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and [...]

Member Monday | Teeniors®

Interview with Trish Lopez, Founder & CEO Mission Teeniors® are tech-savvy teens who help seniors (or any-aged person) learn technology through one-on-one coaching. Whether it's a smartphone, computer, or software, our goal is to empower older adults – to connect with their loved ones, engage with their communities, and [...]

Member Monday | Advanced Technology Initiatives

Interview with Adam Gibson, Owner Mission ATI’s focus as technology evangelists demands we remain actively at the forefront of emerging technology trends. We hold memberships in multiple professional organizations and look to be influencers in the adoption and utilization of technology. However, we also pride ourselves on remaining grounded, [...]

Member Monday | Market Ascent

Interview with Erika Hecht, Founder & Principal Consultant Company Market Ascent Mission Our mission is to grow technology companies and learning organizations by improving their marketing, increasing their sales and making a greater impact. Our slogan is to: accelerate your marketing and business performance without wasted sales cycles. What [...]