Monthly, the New Mexico Tech Council highlights one of our amazing members in a special feature. We have so many innovative companies doing business in New Mexico–and right here is the hub for learning more about them!

This month NMTC is excited to present a special edition of our monthly Member Spotlight segment, featuring PNM Resources.  PNM is a long time Premier Community Partner and a sponsor for the 2024 Women in Tech Awards. Read below to learn more about PNM’s impact on NMTC and the community at large.

PNM: One Hundred+ Years of Service

How many energy-dependent devices do you use daily?

Let’s make this a bit easier: how many electrical devices do you use before you travel to work or head into your home office?

Depending on your morning routine, you might use five or more devices before you leave your house. It’s easy to take energy for granted—it’s there at the flick of a switch to charge our phones and laptops, power our TVs and provide the means to store food and make a hot breakfast before we go to work or school.

Energy and its consumption have become a critical part of our routines, one that we expect to be there when we need it.

PNM understands how critical energy is and has an unwavering dedication to energy sustainability, safety, and reliability.

With this dedication in mind, our passion to serve customers and communities is foundational to our work. PNM’s mission is to provide reliable, affordable electricity to over 530,000 customers every day. We care about the future of energy and its impact on the community. We currently produce 40% renewable and 55%+ carbon-free electricity and our goal is to get to 100% carbon-free energy in the future.

PNM was born and bred in New Mexico in 1917. We are as true as green and red. With over a century of serving New Mexicans, PNM’s employees have family roots that spread across our state and span generations. This is just one of the many reasons why PNM is devoted to the health and wellbeing of our hometowns and communities. We have a longstanding and rich history in our beautiful state and will be here in the future to serve our valued customers with reliable and affordable electricity.

Giving back to communities and supporting impactful organizations like the NM Tech Council is integral to our legacy of service. PNM’s relationship with NMTC goes back decades, to the early days of the association. PNM shares in the mission of NMTC to cultivate the positive impact of technology to secure a bright future for current and future New Mexicans.

PNM’s superpower is its employees. Not only do they serve on multiple nonprofit boards, but they freely give their time to support local communities. Over the past 15 years, three PNM employees have held leadership roles on the NMTC Board of Directors and helped to shape the organization and impact the tech ecosystem. Board Member Emeritus, Barbara Lopez, PMP, Manager – IT Program, Current Board Member, Mike Mertz, VP of New Mexico Operations and CIO for PNM, and Former NMTC Board Member Chairperson Sheila Mendez, Executive Director, PMO, who served on the board for many years on the NMTC Executive Committee.

PNM is a longtime supporter of the NM Women in Tech Awards, having sponsored, attended, and promoted the event for most of its 16-year history.

Promoting gender equity and the advancement of women in the workplace is an important value for PNM, and we are proud to have several female officers who lead the company every day. Additionally, we are delighted to have five employees who have been recognized as Women in Tech Honorees in previous years. These women continue to be a part of the legacy of NMTC and the Women in Tech awards to this day.

PNM’s support of the local community extends beyond its partnership with NMTC, as our goal to shape the carbon-free future of New Mexico. Here are some of PNM’s quick community-giving stats with links for further info:

  • More than 400 organizations/nonprofit received $3.3 Million in foundation grants and community sponsorships
  • In 2023, hundreds of PNM employees & retirees gave nearly 10,000 hours of volunteer time and service
  • In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the PNM Resources Foundation, $700,000 in grants were awarded in 2023 to 44 local nonprofits. Highlights of this incredible event are on YouTube!

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