We interviewed BioFlye’s President & CEO, Todd Sickles to learn more about the company, its mission, and why they choose to do business in New Mexico.

Read on to learn more about this leading-edge company:  

Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan:  

BioFlyte’s mission is to provide leading-edge biosecurity solutions to protect people, organizations, and economies. 

In three sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products you provide: 

BioFlyte is an innovative biothreat security company specializing in providing cutting-edge fieldable aerosol mass spectrometers. Our primary mission is to safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure the safety of individuals by effectively detecting, identifying, and alerting officials for biohazards like Anthrax and chemical threats like aerosolized Fentanyl. BioFlyte also offers state-of-the-art mail screening systems that shield businesses from these potential biological and chemical threats.  

What is your organization’s superpower? 

BioFlyte’s superpower is a dedicated team that appreciates the power of leveraging disruptive biothreat detection capabilities to protect our customers’ critical missions 

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico? 

We have a strong history in New Mexico, with a core resource team established locally and we are very interested in an expanding network with the local government labs and affiliated partner organizations.  

Why did you join NMTC and/or what do you hope to gain by being part of the membership: 

First, to expand our roots in New Mexico, become even more engaged in the state’s greater technology community, and gain broader access to technical talent.  

Please share one goal you have for your company within the next 12 months:  

To win and implement at least one (1) critical infrastructure protection program at a major US airport, paving the way for significant market penetration. 

Please join us in welcoming BioFlyte to the New Mexico Tech Council membership. If you are interested in learning more about BioFlyte and related career opportunities, we have listed their contact info below: 

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