Interview with STEM Santa Fe


STEM Santa Fe is a New Mexico 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Lina Germann, serving Northern NM kids for 5 years so far.


STEM Santa Fe was founded in February 2016, and we just celebrated our 5th year anniversary. We are two employees plus one or two college interns rotating year-round and between 4-10 mentors and instructors that we hire as needed as independent contractors. Plus we have about 200 volunteers who give us anywhere between 5-60 hours each per year.


STEM Santa Fe advocates for, develops, and provides STEM programming, mentoring, and resources for all youth, especially underrepresented groups in STEM, to realize their potential and expand their opportunities in a dynamic world.

What makes your company or organization unique?

STEM Santa Fe is a mentorship organization utilizing a network of STEM professionals who volunteer to serve as mentors and role models for students. We organize many STEM programs in Northern New Mexico that are project-based and hands-on, providing extended learning experiences and mentorships to middle- and high-school-age youth. We aim to reduce the disparities in educational opportunities by offering our programs at low to no cost to families.
In 2018 our programs earned STEM Santa Fe a “STEMY” award as Non-Profit of the Year for New Mexico Excellence in STEM by Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico.

Is your business growing and do you plan to hire in the next 6 months?

Yes, we continue to extend our programming to reach more students and to develop and offer new engaging programming in STEM and STEAM. In the next 6 months, we are looking to hire another employee that will be stationed in Española, NM.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you do business?

We have re-designed all our programs to be offered virtually with live instructors and with materials distribution prior to each workshop or camp. We offered even more programming virtually over the summer and spring break, because of the need and urgency to keep the youth’ minds active while in lock-down.

Share a goal you set for 2021.

To mentor our older students into becoming role models for the younger ones.

Describe where you see technology in the year 2030.

Technology is now part of our everyday life and every minute really. I see technology in 2030 assisting us in so many aspects of our lives that we can’t even envision yet.

Where do you stand – red, green, or Christmas?

Usually green, and that is what we have at our house at all times. but every now and then I order Christmas when at a restaurant.

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