NMTC Member Spotlight | May 11, 2020
An interview with Catherine Nicolaou, External Affairs Manager

Sacred Wind Communications

Company: Sacred Wind Communications

Stats: Est. in 2006 | NM owned and operated | 47 employees

Mission: Connecting communities for life.

Sacred Wind will provide customers on and off the Navajo reservation with the highest quality telecommunications services, taking advantage of the most appropriate technologies, and we will be diligent in pursuing the most affordable alternatives for our customers. 




What industry does your company represent?  Telecommunications.

What makes your company unique?  Sacred Wind Communications is the only privately owned rural telecommunications provider dedicated to serving the needs of rural and tribal communities in Northwest New Mexico. 

Sacred Wind was voted the most inspiring small business in America in 2009. 

SWC is certified employee owned. 

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. In the year 2030 people will be more connected and more dependent on technology. 

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic changed the way you do business? Required 70% of our employees to work from home while the remainder work from offices or in the field to serve customers, install infrastructure or staff our Network Operations Center (NOC). 

Provided all field workers with disposable masks, gloves and protective clothing. 

Sanitized our offices and customer service center and limit the number of customers at any one time. 

Increased broadband capacity, at no additional charge, to 25 Mbps for current customers who subscribe to less than 25 Mbps to improve online education and/or remote work.  

Reduced the price of 25 Mbps broadband service by over 50% for households with students to assist the most low-income families. 

Complied with the FCC’s Keep American Connected Pledge by not disconnecting customers for nonpayment, nor assessing late fees for at least the next two months.  

Hired two additional employees to help with service orders and installations as a result of increased demand for broadband and voice service particularly for E-911.  

Purchased a 100 Gigabits (Gbps) circuit for greater capacity needs occasioned by increased demand for service.  

Installed a temporary Tower on Wheels (TOW) in north Tohajiilee to reach homes waiting for service pending rights-of-way approvals for a permanent tower.  

Installed free WiFi hotspots at six locations in our service territory to accommodate students and teachers who may not have broadband service at their homes.  

Partnered with the Tohajiilee BIE school and the Farmington Municipal School to provide free broadband to families that have none.   

Working with Grants/Cibola County Schools, San Juan College in Farmington, Six Directions Indigenous School in Gallup, and the NMPED Indian Education office for similar partnerships. 

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? Christmas!

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Contact: Send Sacred Wind an Email | (505) 905-6000





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