NMTC Member Spotlight | June 22, 2020

An interview with Mia Petersen, Senior Human Resources Manager

Rural Sourcing - America's leader in onshore software development

Company: Rural Sourcing

Stats: Est. in 2007 | 532 employees across six states

Mission: Our Story Starts & Stays in the U.S. Founded with the goal of connecting companies with talented, qualified IT professionals living in cities across the United States, our team members are the foundation of our company. With an average of 10 years of development experience, each team member brings something unique to the job. Our colleagues are able to live in high quality of life, low cost of living areas while working on a variety of interesting, collaborative,and challenging projects.

Over the last decade, we’ve bridged the gap between businesses and professionals living and working in communities across the country and advanced our mission in bringing thousands of jobs back to the U.S. ​We’re committed to our clients and each other, believing in the vision of bringing jobs back to the U.S. 



What industry does your company represent?  Information Technology and Software Design.

What makes your company unique? Our culture makes us unique and defines us as an employer of choice. By offering amenities such as snacks, flexible work schedules, internal training, and an internal team dedicated to planning out internal events and employee recognition each location RSI fosters a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and continuous improvement. Our offices are buzzing with team collaborations, ping-pong matches, lively discussions, and client meetings.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. Over the next decade, I believe that we will see technology become an integral part of daily life. I envision that we will interact with tech at almost every point in our day as we transition from home to work or school and how we entertain ourselves in our free time. I personally am looking forward to greater accessibility to tech in the home with smart electronics and automated personal devices, such as wearable technology. It is likely that technology industries will encompass a much larger segment of the national economy in another decade, and with that my hope is that we in New Mexico will have growth in sustainable tech-based jobs. Lastly, I am very excited about the possibility of commercial space travel, marking a significant milestone in human development.

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic changed the way you do business?  Like many employers, the largest change we have had as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is transitioning to a fully remote workforce. We are thankful that we were able to be proactive in making this transition and that this change has not impacted the delivery of service to our clients.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? Tough question! Personally, I am a fan of Green, however, when we have meals catered in the office I am always sure to get a little bit of each chile option for our employees to enjoy.

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