NMTC Member Spotlight | August 3, 2020
An interview with Steve Hull, President




Company: Roadrunner 3D

Stats: Est. in 2019 | nine employees with support from parent company, Westwind

Mission: Dream + Design + Develop

Founded by a team with a history of connecting technology with those who need it, Roadrunner 3D exists to empower innovators and creatives across sectors. We remove the barriers to fabricating products, creative productions, or parts for ongoing needs. Roadrunner can help with engineering and design or focus on perfecting the real-world production of the innovations brought to us.

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What industry does your company represent?  Roadrunner 3D is a digital manufacturing service center providing services delivering anything from quick-turn prototypes to repeatable, production-grade manufacturing for end-use parts.

What makes your company or organization unique? We see and support that same spirit in our region’s entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers. We work with them hand in hand, and we deliver on our promises. Our goal is to accelerate our partners’ growth to see the capabilities and imagine the possibilities.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. 3D printing is changing the way manufacturing is done – on one-off custom jobs and with production of large-scale repeatable parts. Customers are no longer required to wait weeks for overseas sources to print and send; we can print within 2-3 days. Every day we see advances in materials, software, and production which broaden the capabilities and streamline processes. We love the constant change and don’t expect it to stop anytime soon!

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? Variety is the spice of life over here so it’s Christmas all the way.

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Get in Touch: sales@roadrunner3d.net | 505-348-8294




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