Interview with Jill Meyers, Founder & CEO


Meyers AeroConsulting, LLC


Established in 2018 | Single person LLC


To support unique aviation and aerospace projects around the globe that strive to make the world a better place, and also to inspire girls and young women everywhere to reach for the stars.

What does your company do/what industry do you represent?

Meyers AeroConsulting is multi-faceted and provides management consulting services to companies and non-profit organizations in the aviation and aerospace industries, along with providing inspiration and support to girls and women. The Founder and CEO, Jill Meyers, is also a professional speaker who inspires audiences of any size or age group with her Keynote Presentation “Shifting the Balance: Women in Aviation”, which inspires the audience to connect with their dreams, to believe what’s possible, and to light the path forward, on any career path.

What makes your company or organization unique?

Meyers AeroConsulting is unique in that the company only supports projects that are striving to improve the quality of life for people around the globe, through the wonders of aviation and space.

Is your business growing and do you plan to hire in the next 6 months?

The business is growing but there are no plans to hire in the near future.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you do business?

The pandemic has drastically changed how I do business. Much of the networking required to connect with clients, see new technologies, and meet new people is accomplished at conferences and air shows around the globe. Every single event I was scheduled to attend since March of 2020, along with several keynote speeches, was canceled. In addition, all of the coordination with existing and prospective clients is now being done virtually, which definitely is limiting in its power of connection.

Share a goal you set for 2021.

One important goal for 2021 is to increase the number of consulting clients based in or operating in New Mexico.

Describe where you see technology in the year 2030.

In the aviation business in particular, so many new technologies are on the verge of becoming the norm. Electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft are all in development, which will greatly reduce the cost of operating aircraft and airlines of all sizes. In addition, by the year 2030, supersonic commercial flights will be a daily routine, allowing people to fly far distances in less than half the time it takes today. This will allow companies to be more efficient and productive and will also increase the time business workers can spend at home with their families.

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