NMTC Member Spotlight | June 8, 2020
An interview with Joy Colucci, CEO & Owner,
2018 NMTC Women in Technology Honoree
Metis Technlogoy Solutions

Company: Metis Technology Solutions, Inc.

Stats: Est. in 2011 | 110 employees in six states

Mission: ‘Crafting Technology Solutions’ – in addition to being a moon of Jupiter, Metis is the goddess of skill, craft and wisdom.



How long has your company been in New Mexico?  Metis moved our headquarters to New Mexico from California in 2014. Relocating to New Mexico was a great move for our company, giving us access to customers at Kirtland AFB as well as qualified back-office staff with Government contracting experience. We’re proud to have been named among the state’s fastest growing tech companies in the ‘Flying 40’ awards for the past three years. 

What industry does your company represent?  We are in the aerospace sector – currently providing aeronautics and space systems development expertise to NASA and the US Air Force. Metis supports several high-visibility programs, including NASA spaceflight missions for lunar exploration, small satellite swarm development and International Space Station (ISS) utilization. The company also has extensive experience in modeling and simulation for aeronautics research, as well as satellite ground system development and sustaining engineering.

What makes your company unique?  Although our core business is providing Government services, we also have an active internal research & development program that is funded by NASA and USAF Small Business Innovation Research grants and currently focused on developing software tools to improve cybersecurity. For a small business, we’ve also garnered many awards and recognition.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. Our company is currently working to support advancements in autonomous vehicle design and operations – so that is one area that we see rapidly evolving. Also, advancements in automated manufacturing: we expect that design, development and actual build through AI systems will become the norm in this timeframe.

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic changed the way you do business? As with most software and systems engineering firms, we have moved into 100% telework mode – so our use of collaboration technology has been essential to our ability to continue serving our Government customers.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? We like red, but love green! Mixing the two is a no-no, however.

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