NMTC Member Spotlight | June 1, 2020

Kosh Solutions

Company: Kosh Solutions
Stats: Est. in 2005 in NM | 25 employees
Mission: To have the most highly regarded and professional IT staff in the industry, that love their job and their customers.  




What industry does your company represent?  Information Technology.

What makes your company unique?  One of the amazing benefits we strive to give every employee is a personalized work experience. We try to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the company. For example, we have an employee who needs a little more distance from the office environment, so he comes into the office on an as need basis. We have another employee who is more excited by projects in various aspects of the company, so his schedule is tied to project progress rather than time in the office. And finally, we have some employees who enjoy leaving stress at the office with clear cut working hours and duties. We believe, by embracing this philosophy, we are getting the best results out of each person while increasing employee well-being. 

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. Obviously, the odds of being correct on this question are about like getting masks shipped next day – darn near impossible! But in the name of fun, here we go. Flying cars? We already have them, but I don’t think we will be seeing them fluttering about down Main Street. More electric cars with no human behind the wheel is what I see. If the previous decade was about getting humanity on the internet, the coming decade will be about how to get us off our screens by developing more integrated AI functionality. AI bots controlling various aspects of our lives will become ubiquitous. Technology will be the tool with which society functions while being socially distant. Ways of performing work remotely will become table stakes for most industries. Japan has human operated waiter robots taking orders and delivering food. So, servers will not even need to go into the restaurant! A dystopian-esque isolationism enabled by technology may destroy a critical piece of our species – social connections. Is this Judgment day? Nah. As usual some areas of technology will fizzle (remember 3D TVs? Me neither), new ones will change everything we know, and I will be wrong about all this. 

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic changed the way you do business? Since the beginning of the pandemic, Kosh has acted with caution. Even before guidance came from the State, we started moving our employees to work from home. We currently operate with one or two employees in offices and have severely limited site visits. We have worked with our hardest-hit clients to lower or defer their payments. Kosh’s position is one of solidarity with our fellow local businesses. We believe this is a time for compassion for all stakeholders. 

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? After some heated debates, red won out by two votes. 

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Contact: info@koshsolutions.com 505-796-5988