NMTC Member Spotlight | May 4, 2020
An interview with Michelle Detry, President

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Company: Keystone International, Inc. 

Stats: Est. in 1991 | started by former Congresswoman Heather Wilson | 6 administrative employees, roughly 45 part-time employees and subcontractors.

When Congresswoman Wilson decided to focus on politics, Gary Van Valin purchased the company from her in 1996 and made it an employee-owned company. Gary is retired from Keystone and serves as Chairman of the Board for Keystone’s owners. We currently have 15 owners.

Most of our part-time employees and subcontractors are retired from a career with a national laboratory, the military, higher education or industry. They work on a project or part-time basis providing specialized expertise to help our clients solve problems and create new solutions.

Mission: Keystone’s mission is to create innovative solutions by providing affordable, customized and unsurpassed services for government and industry.

Keystone separates itself from others by its approach to solving technical and organizational challenges…

  • We LISTEN, observe, inquire, and confirm before we create a solution.
  • We CREATE the right outcomes to make your challenges assets.
  • We DELIVER effective service solutions tailored to your evolving needs.




What industry does your company represent? Keystone is an organizational development and technical support services consulting company.

All industries, we work with government (DOE, DoD, Sandia National Laboratories, the state of New Mexico) nonprofits, universities, and all business sizes.

What makes your company unique? Keystone is a consulting company that got its start providing technical support services to the DOE, and eventually diversified into also providing organizational development services. It’s almost like two businesses in one! We are also unique in our customer service approach that not only benefits our clients, but our consultants as well. All of our work is customized to the needs of the organization. We don’t use any cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf solutions. We take the time to get to know the unique needs of each client and then we bring the right resources to the need.
Describe where you see technology in year 2030. This is a very big question in the midst of COVID 19. Remote work is highlighted now more than ever. Much of our technical work is government organizations in classified environments so the future of this work depends on advances in computer security. Without significant advances in security, this work will still have to primarily be done onsite. Our organizational development work often involves groups and team which is also best facilitated in person. Because of COVID 19, we have switched to Skype work but Skype capacity is limited for group discussions and online interaction. Zoom is easier to use for group work; however, most organizations don’t allow Zoom or prefer not to use it because of privacy and security concerns. COVID19 will drive new technologies for remote work but it’s hard to know what those will look like.

How is your company adapting to the Coronavirus crisis? We have always been a very people focused business. We make decisions based on what is good for our people with “our people” being our employees, our subcontractors, our customers/clients and all of the people around us. We are a generous company giving of our time and resources, and we are focused just as much or more on being kind and helpful than we are on making money. COVID 19 has brought out even more the generosity, kindness, caring and helpfulness as individuals and as an organization.

Most of us are working from home but that doesn’t make us less connected to each other. We check in every day to see how we are all doing. We call or email our customers and our team members several times a week just to check on them. We send each other leads on toilet paper and supplies and we share uplifting articles and stories.

COVID19 has brought out the best of us even more.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? Christmas!

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