NMTC Member Spotlight | April 6, 2020
An interview with Jim Spadaccini, Creative Director + Founder, Ideum

Company: Ideum

Stats: Est. in 1999 in the Bay Area | 46 employees | in New Mexico since 2006

Mission: While Ideum does many things, including custom software development, usability testing and prototyping, and hardware design and fabrication, our mission remains clear: to harness innovative technologies to create compelling interactive experiences that tell memorable stories.




What industry does your company represent? Our company does a wide range of things. We design and develop interactive exhibits and exhibitions for museums, zoos, and aquariums, as well as for corporate and government clients. These installations often use different kinds of emerging technologies. We also fabricate physical exhibits with electronics, lighting, sound, and other elements. In addition, we design and produce a diverse line of multitouch tables and large displays. We also have an AV group that designs and installs video walls, projection systems, and other audiovisual equipment.

What makes your company unique? Our ability to change, adapt, and improve makes us unique. I’ve witnessed this first-hand, seeing how our staff have stepped up, learned new skills and technologies, and taken on new challenges. In addition, many groups at Ideum have been catalysts for change. What’s great is that everyone at Ideum is focused on improving every aspect of what we do—not just by making better projects or more innovative products, but also by creating more collaborative and efficient processes for our clients, our staff, and our industry. In addition, our breadth makes us unique. There are a number of exhibit design and manufacturing firms out there, but Ideum’s ability to design, program, fabricate, install, and evaluate interactive experiences in a wide range of settings and scales sets us apart.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030.  Most of our experiences are in public spaces, so in light of the current crisis (and the recession that will likely follow), forecasting is difficult. That said, I do think that some current trends will continue to evolve. Technology in the public realm will get more seamless and more deeply integrated with the environment. Fewer exhibits will take the form of standalone kiosks, and more will be experiential and immersive environments. We will also see more interaction through motion and gesture, rather than touch. We are excited about continuing to develop these new types of experiences for visitors.

How is your company adapting to the Coronavirus crisis?  Just like everyone, it has been a rough couple of weeks. All of our designers, producers, and programmers are working at home, along with most of our administrative staff. We are continuing to work on software development, exhibit design, educational plans, and other projects that can be done remotely. In addition, some clients have reached out to us to develop online or mobile experiences to complement the work we’ve done in public spaces.

Our hardware group was deemed an essential business because we work with a number of government agencies. We’ve been building and supporting systems for first responders, military clients, national laboratories, and others. We’ve also changed the way we work to ensure that our staff are safe and are following proper hygiene practices and physical distancing.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? I think it largely depends on what we’re talking about here. Tamales, burritos, eggs, you gotta go red! Stew, burgers, bring on the green! We love it all.

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Contact: info@ideum.com | (505) 658-2778





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