NMTC Member Spotlight | October 5, 2020
An interview with Phil Abeyta, Director of Sales, SLED & Commercial Division





Stats: Est. in 1955 | 40 employees

Slogan: Technology Excellence.




What industry does your company represent? Technology Solutions for SLED, Commercial and Federal.

What makes your company or organization unique? Founded in 1955, HOLMANS, a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), is a technology Value-Added Reseller and is unique from competitors in the following ways:

  • Delivering Extraordinary Service. Whether working with our sales or technical teams on a solution, to working with our distribution team to ensure timely delivery and communication, HOLMANS ensures that our team is focused on our customers having an extraordinary experience.
  • Addressing Pain Points. HOLMANS sales and technical process is to understand our customers pain points and point to technology options that help alleviate those concerns.
  • Narrow Niche with Strategic Solutions. HOLMANS has over 2.1 million SKUs, however, HOLMANS focuses also on key strategic technology solutions that allow us to partner with key manufacturers that achieve high rankings in Gartner and Forrester.
  • Cause Marketing. Anthony D. Trujillo, CEO of HOLMANS USA, established Sophia’s Foundation for Autism https://sophiasfoundation.com/ in 2013 to increase public awareness of autism, recognize deserving teachers, and provide needed technology for autism specific classrooms in public schools. Sophia’s Foundation is inspired by Mr. Trujillo’s beautiful daughter Sophia who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. The foundation works hand-in-hand with classroom teachers who have developed special curriculum using this technology. Our Tradition: Sophia’s Foundation for Autism has a rich tradition of giving back to our communities with a primary focus of helping autism specific programs in our public-school systems. Our mission is to increase public interest & awareness of autism, recognize deserving teachers, & provide needed technology for autism specific classrooms.

Is your business growing? Yes, plan on hiring sales and technical staff for the SLED & Commercial division.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. A 10-year forecast is a bit more challenging to make, as the recent pandemic demonstrated. Practically overnight, the entire concept of business continuity drastically changed. The tech industry continues to lead by having the ability to pivot quickly. End-user computing, applications and mobile technology strategies need to stay competitive. We will see trends shaping our future workplaces such as:

  • Hybrid Cloud strategies
  • Increased VDI and DaaS
  • Increased emphasis on security
  • VPN refinement
  • Expanded remote solutions
  • Increased Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain transparency
  • Sensors
  • 5G and satellite constellation networks

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you do business? Most of our staff is working remotely. Increased need for technology with our customers.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? Christmas. We love all chile in NM!

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