NMTC Member Spotlight | August 17, 2020
An interview with Joy Gutierrez, Partner



Company: Heritage Audio Visual

Stats: Est. in 2009 in NM | six full-time employees + additional on-call staff

Vision: Our vision is to create impactful audio and visual presentations, making memories for a lifetime.

Mission: Heritage Audio Visual’s mission is to provide every client with creative and innovative audio visual presentations with quality customer service.



What industry does your company represent? Hospitality and Technology.

What makes your company or organization unique? When Heritage Audio Visual was founded, our staff was always encouraged to think outside the box, becoming one of the most successful Audio Visual companies. Our company Partners all obtained years of prior experience in working with larger corporations and felt very limited on the level of service we were able to provide our clients. Heritage Audio Visual was created with encouraging our staff about the latest technology, to think outside the box and what can be incorporated to assist our team to learn and grow. Our team created a strategic plan with our first customer serviced back in 2009. This process has enabled Heritage Audio Visual to provide quality customer service to each of our clients and customized sets for each event we execute. With each event we execute, we strive to meet what is described in our company mission and vision statements.

Is your business growing? We hope to be growing more in the coming months. It will be determined by COVID-19 and the large gathering ban.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you do business? The day the Governor made the announcement of COVID-19 and the restrictions that were put into place, our team was in the middle of executing a conference with a large General Session and Break-Out Rooms. Our team was provided guidelines of how to convert this live in-person conference to a virtual conference within less than 12 hours. Our team successfully met this challenge but little did we realize this would be our last in-person conference for some time.

Since COVID-19 hit the State of New Mexico, large gatherings have not been able to take place. It was very disappointing for our business and our team to see what was going to be a busy spring conference season, become non-existent. Once the reality set in with our team, it was then time to think outside the box. COVID-19 pushed our team to convert part of our warehouse facility into a customized stage set area. Our team set stages, backdrops, microphones, screens, projectors, an LED wall and cameras to provide our clients a similar experience of their annual conferences. The timing was perfect due to many clients beginning to experience issues with other technology options. These customized sets allowed our clients to come to our facility and share the information they needed to with their membership or conference attendees via pre-recorded videos and/or virtual platforms. These customized backdrops provided a more professional setting than those being in their home office. Our team was able to execute such an option all within maintaining the large gathering limitations and COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030.  As technology progresses each year, it presents brighter and clearer images, clearer sound and equipment becomes more compact. Equipment is always changing which is why our team is always working with our manufacturers on what new technology will become available in the coming years.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? Red is the most preferred, but our staff likes green too. There is nothing better than to smell green chile roasting in the fall!

Explore: Visit the HAV website

Get in Touch: Send the team an email | (505) 508.4443



P.S. the team at HAV built this custom set and produced the final program for this year’s first ever virtual Women in Technology Awards celebration!




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