NMTC Member Spotlight | August 24, 2020
An interview with Tracy Ragan, CEO & Co-founder
deployhub - The Linux Foundation



Company: DeployHub, Inc. 

Stats: Est. in 2018 | three employees

Mission: DeployHub empowers high performing software developers to simplify a microservice architecture through configuration and inventory management. DeployHub catalogs, publishes, shares and tracks microservices across siloed teams improving microservice reuse and adoption, on a hosted (SaaS) platform.



What industry does your company represent? DeployHub simplifies the management of microservices, a key component of modern architecture and digital transformation.

What makes your company or organization unique? We have re-imagined traditional CI/CD to simplify high frequency release so organizations can achieve business agility.

Is your business growing? Our goal is to survive the current financial challenges. Hiring will depend on where the economy is in 6 months.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you do business? We are far more connected virtually to our customers, prospects and marketing activities.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. Over the course of the next decade, we will see a continued shift to SaaS based applications, AI and ML. From visiting your physician to shopping for milk, our world has permanently shifted and software will be key.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? Green of course.

Explore: Web | Twitter | Facebook

Get in Touch: Send the team an email 505.913.7870 



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