NMTC Member Spotlight | August 31, 2020
An interview with Ernest R. Naaz, VP of DevelopmentAdelante Development Center Logo




Company: Adelante Development Center, Inc.

Stats: Est. in 1978 | over 700 employees

Mission: Adelante is a diverse nonprofit organization that supports people with mental and physical disabilities, seniors, and disadvantaged populations across New Mexico. We innovate to meet the needs of the community.

Slogan: A Community Resource for More than 40 Years!




What industry does your company represent? Nonprofit Sector.

What makes your company or organization unique? The diversity of our programs and our unwavering commitment to customer service and community.

Is your business growing? We have been hiring all along. While some employees were furloughed at the beginning of COVID-19, many of those employees have come back.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you do business? Ninety five percent of our employees work from home. One of our programs that serves those with developmental disabilities does not permit social distancing. We now have sophisticated temperature readers upon entering our building and everyone is required to wear a face mask while on the premises. Our business models have changed slightly, but our commitment to our mission remains extremely strong.

Describe where you see technology in year 2030. In the education space, we don’t see turning back the clock. The education models of years past will slowly completely phase out. Technology will play an increasing role in all aspects of our economy. Whether we like it or not, we have become a digital economy. That will only accelerate in the years ahead.

Where does your team stand: Red, Green or Christmas? We are definitely a Christmas kind of family. We like it all.

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Get in Touch: info@GoAdelante.org 505.341.2000




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