I told you last week about the Center for Commercialization & Entrepreneurial Training (CCET) at Technology Ventures Corporation. Well if you have an invention, idea or technology that is ready to patent, consider attending their session on “Writing Your Own Patent Application” on February 22, 2012 from 8:30-12:30 am.

My partner and I attended this same session last August and had our patent application written in less than two weeks. Bruce Winchell gave us all the information we needed to write a compelling patent application on our technology, and provided samples of correctly submitted applications. Mr. Winchell also met with us prior to filing to confirm our application was well written, correct and complete. And it was all free! It costs $625 to file a utility patent with the USPTO, and would probably cost thousands more if you out-source this to an IP attorney. I’m certainly not recommending you forego the legal help, but if you’re a start-up like ours bootstrapping your way to success, then attending this session is certainly to your benefit.

The seminar will include:

  1. A review of the Patent Laws and most recent case law related to writing patent applications that will stand up in court.
  2. A review of the latest Patent Office Rules and mechanics of actually writing the application to maximize the probability of being issued as patents.
  3. Claim drafting to maximize the scope while providing best ability to survive legal tests in the courts.

With patent laws changing to “First to File,” you really don’t want to hesitate on getting your inventions patented.

Learn more and register online for CCET seminars at techventures.org.