It may seem like a wacky scheme, but as I’m a fan or Kickstarter projects, startups like Get Satisfaction, the idea of encouraging Serendipity and promoting tech innovation in NM, I’m promoting the idea of bringing Get Satisfaction Co-founders (and writers of the forthcoming book, “Get Lucky“) Lane Becker and Thor Muller to New Mexico with the {RV}IP lounge. To some extent it’s a book tour, but it’s also part of a web video series, “The Future of Work” for which they’re seeking funding through Kickstarter. In their words, 

“The Future of Work” is a web video series that tells the stories of the obsessive makers, innovators and entrepreneurs that are leading the way to a new wave of business. They share a set of traits: irreverent, adaptable, purpose-driven, and unattached to conventional categories. All the qualities, it turns out, that make a person able to take advantage of chance–or put differently, that make them lucky.

And since we’re involved with efforts to help get more startup activity going locally, we’d like to get them here. 

And you can help. Check out their sites and if you like what you see, consider buying their book and/or supporting their tour through their Kickstarter page — and be sure to complete their survey asking to include a city in New Mexico.  You can also help spread the word by sharing their page (and perhaps this one) on Facebook and Twitter, etc. And… if you’d be interested in attending an event with their team… let us know too. It looks like that would be a blast.

And… many of these activities should help nudge our local startup scenes toward the next level regardless.

Visit their Kickstarter campaign at: