By Katie Goodner, Project Manager at Sandia National Laboratories
Katie Goodner was the winner of the 2015 Women in Tech (WIT) scholarship. This year’s scholarship applications are available now Nominations for our WIT celebration are also available and due by 12/18. 

“One Woman Can Make a Difference, Together We Can Rock The World!”
I love that quote, and it really helps define exactly what the New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) is all about.
There is an abundance of information and evidence that talks about how to succeed by helping others. To augment this concept, I will add that I believe women in particular can put themselves into positions of advantage when they choose to work together and network together. Take control of your professional future by building and maintaining your professional networks; doing so can help you to excel in your current position and advance your career. It will also plant seeds of gratitude and overall well-being within you and those around you when you connect with others who share common interests and goals.
That is exactly what the NMTC, and in particular, the Women In Technology Council, was founded to do. They foster an environment of mentoring relationships by promoting discussion of current topics, supporting speakers, conferences, and encouraging a connection with other women with backgrounds in technology. The NMTC Women In Technology Council is quick to recognize women and their success at all levels. They facilitate awareness and provide networking opportunities, both professional and social for women.
Help yourself by developing a rich information network that incorporates the concepts of social and professional networking, easy access to information, and enjoy gathering opportunities for women.  Be a mentor, find a mentor, collaborate and share!
Here is what the NM Technology Council says about their mission, “We are creating an environment where we can collaborate, share, encourage, network and mentor; where it is safe to “be ourselves”. We separate problems from symptoms and focus on finding solutions, expanding our horizons, enjoying each other’s talents, wisdom, and learning from our mistakes.”
As women in technology, we are all on a similar journey, and there are people who may very well have walked the path you are on right now. If you are venturing to start your own business or working to make a name for yourself in the wide world of technology, the people of the NMTC may understand your challenges and have valuable insight and advice to offer. They may help you progress forward in your career or in your business. By supporting or getting involved with the NMTC, you have an opportunity to connect regularly with other professional women and to create a network of allies, mentors, problem solvers, customers and friends.
With that being said, I would like to encourage women in New Mexico to seek out the NM Technology Council as an opportunity to find a champion as well as to network your skills and abilities. Finally, each year, the NM Technology Council extends a $5,000 scholarship to help provide educational funds to a woman pursuing a career in technology! Maybe this is YOUR year!

With the money she received from the scholarship, Katie has been working toward finishing up her MSPM (Master of Science in Project Management) from GWU. More specifically, she has been able to pay for two courses in her degree program; she is finishing up the second of these courses now. A mother and full-time employee at Sandia National Labs, she expects to be graduating about this time next year.