Nyika Allen

Dear NMTC Members, Partners and Friends,

Maybe you’ve heard the news already, but the official announcement just came out yesterday. Now that the news is public I want to take the opportunity to personally let you know that I am stepping down from my position as your New Mexico Technology Council, President & CEO in order to take on a new role with the City of Albuquerque.

The decision to leave NMTC was a difficult one. I have enjoyed working with you and this incredible organization over the past 4 years – I made it my life and my mission. I’ve appreciated having had the opportunity to work with you all to grow our states technology ecosystem and work towards a more competitive business climate for all.

In the last few years we’ve (the tech industry) grown our direct contribution to the New Mexico economy from 5.5% in 2015 to 7.9% in 2017. We are now ranked 9th in the US for tech employment as a total percentage of the workforce. We have increased our innovation ranking with numbers of tech patents granted by 13% and new tech startups and business establishments by 22% (cyberstates.org).

Over the past 4 years many of you have provided your support, encouragement and guidance to me and have personally dedicated time to helping advance our mission.

We’ve accomplished a lot together at the NMTC. Here are just a few highlights I’m proud of:

  • Grown the council to over 160 members
  • Increased council revenues by 300%
  • Taken our own NMTC workforce from mostly volunteers to three full time staff
  • Hosted over 200 educational and celebratory tech events

I hope you are as proud as I am of the work we’ve accomplished together.

With many of you, I have shared unique experiences which I will always cherish. I now look forward to working with you in my new capacity as the Director of Aviation. I know this position will bring new opportunities and new challenges as I pursue my mission to advocate for our state and its economic health. I have no doubt that the skills and vision I have gained from working with you will be valuable for the road ahead.

I wish each of you success in achieving our mutual goals. I assure you that the New Mexico Technology Council will be in good hands after I leave.

Please feel free to reach out and stay connected to me on LinkedIn at:


With best regards,

Nyika Allen