One of the biggest recurring challenges we hear is the difficulty in getting good local talent. Whether it’s software, web or IT, the feedback seems to be that entry-level talent is pretty good, but the people with more experience, especially those driven to be at the top of their game, can be pretty tough to come by. That’s one reason a big focus of our has been to build more community connections through starting groups, fostering others and promoting as many good ones as we can: the more people are connected with other talented professionals, the more likely it is that people’s skills will improve, and that companies and projects will find the right people to help them grow.

We’ll talk more about groups elsewhere (we try to promote them all in our weekly+ emails and on facebook), but for finding a job and recruiting talent there are a few places we recommend. This is, I should mention, by no means a comprehensive list. We hope it – and the strength of our various connections – continues to improve.

Linked In
We work (primarily) with two different groups on Linked In, each with over 500 members in the design, development & management space around various forms of tech.  They’re currently the places we point most recruiters and seekers to — and we try to promote jobs posted there on Facebook and twitter as well.  Additionally, whether jobs are posted there or not, we’re willing to work w/ NMTC members on finding additional contacts through these and our personal networks.

We’ve also heard some local companies have had some success using Linked In ads. We’ll try to get and share more information about approaches that have worked.

NM Tech Jobs 
Primarily for jobs in and around technology, especially those related to the WIRED initiative (more at their site). An underutilized resource! 

Other Groups & Networks 
Much of the most successful hiring these days comes from people you and your colleagues already know or have connections with through informal groups, and we’ve seen several valuable groups grow to become great places for referrals. A few of the most active are:

(Is your group helping connect jobs and employees?  Please let us know!)

Recruitment Firms 
Most all of the experience we’ve had with local firms doing recruiting has been positive. Each company (and each rep) has their specialties, but we have good relationships with:

Hope these help… And again, please let us know if there are other resources you recommend!