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Use Multi-Factor AuthenticationMultifactor-Authentication-Pic

Add MFA (code texted to your phone) to your email, VPN, and other logins. This one tip could save you from an attack.

From Steady Networks

password-lockouts-picUse Password Lockouts

Make sure your passwords lock after 5 attempts! This can stop hackers that are trying every password in the book!

From Steady Networks

cyber-lock-picInstall and Update Security Software

Software vendors provide updates to their supported products to correct security concerns. Ensure you know how to update your software and do it as soon as the updates are available. When possible, set your devices to update automatically.

From Tillman Cyber Services, LLC

hands-on-keyboardIf You’re Not Sure, Don’t Click It

Never click on a link or attachment you don’t completely trust.

From the City of Albuquerque

unique-passwordsUse Unique Passwords

Ensure that all your passwords are unique, especially email passwords and bank/financial passwords. Attackers obtain account credentials from weak websites every day and try them out to see if they work.

From Sandia National Laboratories

scroll-over-2Hover Your Cursor to See the Real Link

If you hover your mouse cursor over a link in an email, the ‘real’ link will appear. You can then see where the link will take you.

From the Tony Carrato, Consulting Architect


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