Women In Tech Awardee: Susan R. Cornelius

Susan R. Cornelius (she/her) is a leading tech entrepreneur and mentor in the Southwest region and we are excited to present her accomplishments as one of our 2024 Women In Tech Awards Honorees! 

Drawing on over thirty years of achievements as a startup entrepreneur and ecosystem leader in the Southwest, Susan has mentored 620 startup entrepreneurs and innovators; advised 89 emerging high tech, bio-tech, and bio pharma startups, helping them capture opportunities and capitalize their technologies; served a major role in 10 high tech startups, two of which were her own; and coached them to create equity worth over $1.5B.  

Susan started her entrepreneurial career in the New Mexico tech industry before moving to California and establishing success there. She then returned home with new skills and a network of investors to New Mexico. Along the way, she lifted up others, including many women.  

“I have always been the first woman in every position I have held and reached over to bring the next woman with me,” says Susan. “I am passionate about excellence, energizing others, and bringing them with me. I am a woman in technology.” 

Passionate about cultivating future leaders, Susan has been a critical force in New Mexico’s workforce development. Serving as Lead Mentor for the UNM Lobo Rainforest Innovations tech transfer program, she has mentored over 200 students and professors, connecting them to programs that have successfully marketed and launched a breadth of technologies. Susan also served 27 years as a Member, Board Member, and Madrina(TM) of two chapters of MANA, A National Latina Organization. During this time, she has mentored over 200 Hermanitas(TM) to attend college and study STEM careers. 

Susan describes her pathway to leadership began in her childhood:  

“My family said, that as a child, I lined up our horses and dogs, and pretended that I was teaching them. I certainly trained them. That was the beginning,” Susan describes. “I am a woman and a mentor in tech. That is what I do for a living. I have mentored children, college students, and women in tech, my entire career. I have created models for successful startups at the University of New Mexico Lobo Rainforest Innovations. In each and every case, I have been told by the student entrepreneurs, that I treated them as entrepreneurs first and students second; that I listened, offered options, and pushed when necessary; and that they achieved results that they did not know were inside them.” 

Susan has been awarded with many achievements over the course of her career, including, but definitely not limited to:  

  • Recognized by the UNM Lobo Rainforest Innovations and described as “important to the innovation ecosystem” for accomplishments mentoring students and professors in science and tech.  
  • Recognized 2021, as a Woman of Influence by Albuquerque Business First.  
  • Elected Chair of MIT Enterprise Forum San Diego for contributions to increased membership. 
  • Recognized for contributions to the advancement of Latinas via a State of California Declaration by Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante.  
  • Nominated and awarded, by a startup, Learning Framework, for contributions to the staffing of and work environment to Athena, San Diego.  
  • Awarded Best Practices in Organizational Development by the American Society for Training and Development.  
  • Awarded Best Practices by the American Productivity and Quality Association for the opening of the UCSD Medical Center La Jolla.  
  • Awarded Best Practices in Nursing by the National Executive Nursing Council.  
  • Recognized by Governor Bill Richardson for contributions to the development of High Tech High in San Diego and invited to contribute to the development of the UNM High Tech High.  
  • Recognized by the Viejas Band of the Kumeyaay verbally and with a bonus for quick resolution of union contract negotiations with the AFL/CIO for information services and food service workers. 

We are so excited to have Susan R. Cornelius as one of our 16th Annual New Mexico Women In Tech Awards Honorees! Her contributions to the tech ecosystem in New Mexico are invaluable.  

Don’t forget to register for the Women In Tech Awards Luncheon, happening March 13th at Hotel Albuquerque, and for Wit, Wine, Wisdom, and intimate gathering featuring our 16th Annual Women In Tech Awardees, happening in May!

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Erin Scott Adams

Erin Scott Adams (she/her) is a 5th generation New Mexican, community leader, and coder—in addition to being one of our Women In Tech Awards Emerging Leaders! Erin made the jump to change careers and successfully pivoted to a career in software engineering after learning to code.  

“Leaving my full-time job to do the bootcamp was definitely a leap of faith,” Erin says of her career change. “Thanks to my family support system, some great mentors, and a lot of personal grit, the risk fortunately paid off.” 

Before making this impressive leap, Erin was a successful digital marketer, working for Visit Albuquerque. Erin attended the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp—and the rest is history! 

Currently, Erin is the Frontend Developer for Trek Bicycle and the Lead Organizer of Rubber Ducks NM, a networking, social, and educational group centered around female-identifying & non-binary adults in STEM.  Before leading Rubber Ducks Erin served as Co-Chapter Leader of Albuquerque’s Girl Develop It in 2018. Additionally, Erin regularly mentors women interested in pursuing Tech careers through informational interviews, resume review, and speaking at local Girls Who Code clubs. 

“I want my legacy to be that I made people feel seen,” said Erin. “I strive to cultivate collaborative coding teams where admitting ‘I don’t know’ is celebrated. I’m proud to have impacted corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies through my leadership in Employee Resource Groups at several organizations.” 

Erin’s dedication to supporting diversity in tech is clear: every role she’s had centers around her deep drive to support her community and she has gone above and beyond to make tangible change. In 2019, she created an Educational Seminar initiative within Rubber Ducks, in which the group offers free training opportunities to members on a variety of technical topics.  

“I look forward to the day when my peers on technical teams more accurately represent the diversity of the world around us,” said Erin. “The tools we’re building will be better for it.” 

Erin has been a professional Software Developer since 2018 and in her various roles during this time, she’s been a leader in developing accessible features and soliciting input from diverse voices. As a deeply rooted, 5th generation New Mexican, Erin is passionate about creating change in our state through a wide variety of volunteer activities. She is an active member of the Deep Dive Coding alumni community and assists the Google Developers Group in hosting events. Additionally, she has served on the Board of Directors for Adelante Development Center and for the Albuquerque Community Foundation Future Fund. She is also a member of the NM Tech Council, and in the past, served on the NMPRSA Board, was a member of Young Professionals of Albuquerque, and has been a mentor for StartUp Weekend. 

“I care deeply about investing in our people and creating opportunity here. I moved away from Albuquerque to attend college and travel, and after 6 years, I consciously decided to return and put down roots in New Mexico. My local pride comes from being a 5th generation New Mexican, and from my time working at Visit Albuquerque before I transitioned into software development.” 

We are so excited to have Erin as honored in this year’s Women In Tech Awards as an Emerging Leader. Join us on March 13th to celebrate all of our awardees, and again in May for our Wit, Wine, Wisdom event, an intimate and conversational event with our 16th Annual Women In Tech Awardees! 


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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Akilah Martinez

Akilah Martinez (she/her) is an incredible rising star in the creative technologist landscape. As a Dine woman and New Mexican, Akilah is a fierce advocate for indigenous communities in our state. As a groundbreaking and fresh visual artist that uses tech in social practice, Akilah is an adept coder who blends philanthropic initiatives and advocacy with stunning, innovative XR development. Learning to code C# allowed her to expand her practice to include developing the groundbreaking app DigiNewMex, which highlights Indigenous foods and 7 Indigenous languages found in New Mexico including Navajo, Keres, Zuni, Jemez, Comanche, Apache, Nahuatl and even Spanish as spatial sound as a pathway to cultural preservation. 

Driven by a deep connection to indigenous advocacy work, Akilah has jumped to grow as a technologist at every possible opportunity. Travelling to Los Angeles and New York City with the Crux XR Fellowship in 2019 gave her unique perspectives on developing AR technology in New Mexico: “I learned so much about creating equity for women/women of color in technology, and how we can shift philanthropic dollars towards underserved communities in STEM to empower people of color and women to leverage XR technology to tell their own stories.” 

Akilah also acts as a mentor for Indigenous women participating in the New Mexico Community Capital program The Future Is Indigenous Women, helping participants gain digital literacy by introducing them to use up-to-date technology to find information, create content, optimize data, and to effectively communicate with others. 

“I volunteer a lot of my time in efforts to establish a local XR tech industry for Indigenous tribes of New Mexico,” says Akilah. “This work invests in the advancement of the local tech industry because XR development and usage is nonexistent on the Navajo Nation and nonexistent on most tribal nations in New Mexico.” 

Akilah also brings the personal to the wider world. She returned home after college to care for her grandmother, which spurred her interest in cultivating resources and awareness for caregivers. Her experience continues to motivate her, and she says prompted deep conversations and activism about the dangers of caregiver burnout and domestic violence. Shortly after, she experienced another hardship close to home:  

“As a result of losing my Dad to Covid-19, followed by dark and hopeless months, I was forced to be introduced to my own version of highest human potential and the human ability to evolve, innovate, create and invent new possibilities,” said Akilah. “Having a daily practice to positively evolve myself and my community are components that gave me something to live for after experiencing loss and surviving tragedy, which is a personal accomplishment to me.”  

Akilah has gone on to make profound impacts in the creative technology sector in New Mexico. Accomplishments in her professional career, all in support of developing XR experiences that revitalize Indigenous languages and culture, include:  

  • Receiving The Artizen Fund 2023 
  • Receiving Native Arts and Cultures Foundation LIFT 2022 
  • Awarded The Andy Warhol Foundation 2022  
  • Winning the AIBE Pitch Competition, 1st Place, for her idea to use XR technology to preserve and revitalize Indigenous languages and culture 
  • Inventing an interactive oscillator shoe prototype, using the code language C++, that was displayed at FATE Biennial 2013 

Akilah is also already a part of the thriving technology economy in New Mexico:  

“I apply my expertise on a volunteer basis to the local community by helping local businesses strategize how we can utilize XR marketing for their upcoming merchandise releases, free of charge,” says Akilah. “I believe that this type of XR development will help the local New Mexican ecosystem keep current with modern marketing tools that are valued throughout the world.” 

As an Emerging Leader, we are honoring her accomplishments and supporting her future leadership with this incredible award. Akilah Martinez is an incredible young professional with an exceptionally bright future in technology! Join us on March 13th to celebrate Akilah and all of our 2024 Women In Tech Awardees.  

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Member Profile | Hoonify

A Conversation with Andrew Clark, CEO, Hoonify

This month, we learned more about Hoonify, an emerging computing and software company that is making Supercomputing accessible to more businesses, organizations and individuals. Andrew Clark, CEO, gave some great perspectives about why Hoonify chose New Mexico!

Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan.

Supercomputing Without Limits.

In three sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products your provide.

Hoonify puts National Laboratory-level supercomputing powers in the hands of “Everyone, Anywhere”. Our software, TurbOS, provides immediate access to supercomputing capabilities in your office and in the field through secure, private cloud. Hoonify meets the growing demand for performing modeling and simulation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence workloads through on-demand and affordable solutions.

What is your organization’s super power?

Putting supercomputing powers into the hands of “Everyone, Anywhere”!

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?

New Mexico is home to major talent, education, and world-changing accomplishments. With two US DOE National Laboratories, the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and multiple educational institutions leading in science and engineering fields, Hoonify is excited to complement these institutions with additional supercomputing capabilities – and provide the many private companies and small businesses with new competitive advantages. Our entire team chose New Mexico as the place to establish our families and careers and the best place for our company to grow.

Why did you join NMTC and/or what do you hope to gain by being part of the membership?

We’re impressed by NMTC’s contributions and outreach to improve the greater Albuquerque community, and we’re interested in being a part of this positively impactful group. We hope to partner with other local companies and leaders to help Hoonify strengthen and create more opportunities for our community.

Please share one goal you have for your company within the next 12 months.

We’re super focused on partnering with and servicing industries within New Mexico, so to stay New Mexico True we’re looking to add another 5 – 10 (or more!) companies based in New Mexico to our Satisfied Customers list.

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NM Tech Council Member Profile: Genuen

New Mexico Technology Council Member Profiles

Each month, NMTC features a member making significant change in the growing technology landscape here in New Mexico. Our outstanding members are always creating significant value for New Mexicans. Whether through business development, industry innovation, and more. Join us every month as we feature amazing companies that positively impact the NM technology landscape.

A Conversation With Jill Meyers, Director of Genuen

This month, we are excited to chat with Jill Meyers, Director of Genuen. A leader in end-to-end test solutions, we are thrilled to have Genuen as an NMTC member.

Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan.

Our slogan is “Ideas Taking Flight”.

In three sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products your provide.

Genuen provides engineering services for development and support of complex automated test solutions. We primarily work on mission critical systems for the aerospace, transportation and national security communities. Hundreds of global product developers and manufacturers have trusted Genuen to help solve complex technology challenges for the past 30 years–especially in highly regulated industries.

What is your organization’s super power?

Although Genuen formed in 2020, it was created through a merger of two technology companies that had been highly successful for almost 30 years. With this, our blended team has extraordinary experience in the type of work we perform.

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?

New Mexico is a growing hub for advanced technology in both the national security and aerospace markets, and also has top talent coming out of all universities. We pride ourselves on being part of the NM technology and business community and look forward to growing our presence even more.

Why did you join NMTC and/or what do you hope to gain by being part of the membership?

Genuen joined NMTC this year to have the opportunity to collaborate with other high-tech companies in the state.

Learn more about Genuen and the amazing contributions this innovative company is bringing to New Mexico!

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Member Profile – BioFlyte

We interviewed BioFlye’s President & CEO, Todd Sickles to learn more about the company, its mission, and why they choose to do business in New Mexico.

Read on to learn more about this leading-edge company:  

Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan:  

BioFlyte’s mission is to provide leading-edge biosecurity solutions to protect people, organizations, and economies. 

In three sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products you provide: 

BioFlyte is an innovative biothreat security company specializing in providing cutting-edge fieldable aerosol mass spectrometers. Our primary mission is to safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure the safety of individuals by effectively detecting, identifying, and alerting officials for biohazards like Anthrax and chemical threats like aerosolized Fentanyl. BioFlyte also offers state-of-the-art mail screening systems that shield businesses from these potential biological and chemical threats.  

What is your organization’s superpower? 

BioFlyte’s superpower is a dedicated team that appreciates the power of leveraging disruptive biothreat detection capabilities to protect our customers’ critical missions 

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico? 

We have a strong history in New Mexico, with a core resource team established locally and we are very interested in an expanding network with the local government labs and affiliated partner organizations.  

Why did you join NMTC and/or what do you hope to gain by being part of the membership: 

First, to expand our roots in New Mexico, become even more engaged in the state’s greater technology community, and gain broader access to technical talent.  

Please share one goal you have for your company within the next 12 months:  

To win and implement at least one (1) critical infrastructure protection program at a major US airport, paving the way for significant market penetration. 

Please join us in welcoming BioFlyte to the New Mexico Tech Council membership. If you are interested in learning more about BioFlyte and related career opportunities, we have listed their contact info below: 

BioFlyte LinkedIn
BioFlyte Website
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Membership Monday: Wink

What is Wink’s mission? 

Wink’s mission is to revolutionize digital security through the power of biometric authentication for identity and payments. We provide innovative SaaS solutions to organizations, leveraging multifactor facial and voice recognition authentication to eliminate traditional password vulnerabilities, thereby ensuring a seamless and highly secure user experience. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing digital security, staying at the forefront of biometric technology, and delivering customized solutions empowers businesses to safeguard sensitive data and cultivate trust with users in an interconnected world.  

When was Wink established, and when did you join our New Mexico technology community?  

Wink was established in 2021. We currently have approximately 12 employees globally, with additional partner teammates working with us on our development efforts. We are just now joining the great state of New Mexico and looking forward to growing here. Hiring in New Mexico strategically positions Wink to tap into a growing talent pool, benefit from cost-effective operations, leverage proximity to research institutions, foster innovation through regional diversity, and engage with the local community- Ultimately, contributing to the company’s technological advancement and overall success. We are just joining NMTC now and we are looking forward to finding many favorite things about this new collaboration. 

What does Wink do? 

Wink’s SaaS platform is a game-changer in digital security, harnessing biometric authentication to eliminate the vulnerabilities of traditional passwords. This innovative solution offers users a frictionless login and payment experience, enhancing security by utilizing unique biometric traits such as voice prints and facial recognition. By replacing passwords and tokenizing payment details, Wink not only streamlines user access but also significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and fraud. The platform’s adaptability to various industries, compliance with regulations, and commitment to continuous innovation make it a versatile and robust choice for organizations seeking advanced digital security solutions.  

What makes Wink unique? 

Wink’s position as a unique and cutting-edge solution in the digital security landscape is driven by several key factors. It leads with pioneering biometric authentication, encompassing multifactor facial and voice recognition, ensuring top-tier security and user convenience. What sets Wink apart is its omnichannel and device-agnostic approach, simplifying implementation across diverse channels. This versatility allows Wink’s solution to seamlessly integrate with any camera-enabled device, enabling organizations to consistently and effortlessly deploy its advanced security features across their digital platforms. Coupled with Wink’s low-code approach and streamlined API and Plugin integration, the platform empowers organizations to enhance their digital defenses while providing a seamless and highly secure user experience. Wink’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and adaptability to various industries solidifies its position as a forward-thinking leader in digital security, enabling businesses to bolster their cybersecurity measures and instill trust among users in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.  

What is one goal you have for your company within the next 12 months? 

Over the next 12 months, Wink aims to expand its market presence by forging strategic partnerships with key players in finance, e-commerce, cybersecurity and digital authentication industries. Additionally, the company is dedicated to further enhancing its biometric authentication technology, ensuring it remains at the forefront of digital security solutions.  

Describe where you see technology in the year 2030. 

In 2030, technology is poised to have transformed society on an unprecedented scale. The integration of advanced technologies will have ushered in an era of unparalleled connectivity, automation, and personalized experiences, fundamentally altering the way we work, communicate, and interact with our environment. Wink plays a pivotal role in this technology landscape by providing state-of-the-art biometric authentication solutions that underpin the security and trust required in an increasingly connected world. Wink’s innovative approach to digital security, including multifactor facial and voice recognition, ensures that individuals and organizations can engage in seamless and secure interactions across a multitude of digital channels. By safeguarding sensitive data and enabling frictionless user experiences, Wink contributes to the broader technological transformation by providing a critical foundation of trust and security necessary for the widespread adoption of advanced technologies and the realization of their full potential in 2030 and beyond. 

Learn more about Wink:

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

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Member Monday | Simple Quantum

Interview with Corban Cordova, Founder of Simple Quantum


We make complicated technology simple.

What does your company do?

Managed Cybersecurity, IT, and Technology services for Businesses and Government. Backed by cutting-edge technology and years of experience, our managed cybersecurity services and managed I.T. services are designed to protect your business or agency from threats both inside and outside the network perimeter. Our team of experts will assess your current computer and technology usage and provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs

What makes your company or organization unique?

With a background in DoD contracting we are well versed in what it takes to protect your organization’s data from threats. We pride ourselves on an average 1-minute response time.

Is your business growing and do you plan to hire in the next 6 months?

Simple Quantum is growing and we’re planning on bringing on 3 more people in the next 6 months.

How long has your company been in New Mexico?

We have be in New Mexico since April 2022

What’s one goal you have for the next 12 months?

The goal this year is growth.

Describe where you see technology in the year 2030.

We’ve already seen how AI is changing the world. That will play out more and more over the next few years.

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?

I love New Mexico. Between the beautiful outdoors and the welcoming and friendly people, it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else.

What’s your favorite thing about being a member of NMTC?

We love everything tech.

Connect with Simple Quantum

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

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Lisa Sciorilli Joins New Mexico Technology Council as Director of Membership and Engagement

The New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Sciorilli as its new Director of Membership and Engagement. With a remarkable background in nonprofit stakeholder management and volunteer engagement spanning over 25 years, Sciorilli brings a wealth of experience to the organization. 

Previously serving as the Associate Director of Development at Manzano Day School, Sciorilli demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by successfully leading volunteer teams and implementing engagement strategies that significantly enhanced the nonprofit’s revenue. Her expertise in fostering partnerships and creating a positive impact within the community is a valuable addition to the NM Tech Council. 

As the Membership and Engagement Director, Sciorilli assumes the crucial responsibility of retaining existing members and forging new partnerships within NMTC. Working closely with Executive Director Mia Petersen, she will play a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s future impact. 

Mia Petersen, Executive Director of NMTC, expressed her enthusiasm for Lisa’s appointment, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Lisa Sciorilli to our team. Her extensive experience in the local non-proft market and passion for engagement align perfectly with our mission to grow the impact of technology in New Mexico.” 

Sciorilli’s dedication extends beyond her professional pursuits. With a keen interest in community service and a passion for travel, she looks forward to infusing the New Mexico tech industry with her storytelling skills and mission-driven event expertise.

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Member Monday | SandboxLife®

Interview with Vanessa Valore, Founder & CEO


Helping as many people and ecosystems with innovative cross-platform technologies for the purpose of wellness within humanity and extreme environments.

What does your company do?

SandboxLife ® is gameplay with a purpose – gamification of Neuroscience for memory improvement and troubleshooting body and mind in a personalized individual way unique to each person forming uniquely around their life story and retaining that into a structured methodology.

This organization of info can be put in alliance for pattern recognition within other companies – diverse companies.

What makes your company or organization unique?

The most unique part of SandboxLife ® is the adaptability of forming around the people and organizations that use it to fit their specific needs and solutions to vital problems.


Is your business growing and do you plan to hire in the next 6 months?

Yes, and our alliance with DiverseVitality, along with a couple other companies will hopefully bring those jobs right into our backyard.

How long has your company been in New Mexico?

When I was 19 years old, I moved to NM – transferred my credits and worked in design during college and after through until 2003 – there’s a separate bio on my work for the 1990sValore Ventures.

What’s one goal you have for the next 12 months?

Finish integration on SandboxLife ® tech within the above medtech for DiverseVitality for pattern recognition and more. Space for Earth benefits and practical applications that directly relate back to the common person – space medicine ex. For the purpose of learning on earth, they are connected.

Describe where you see technology in the year 2030.

Final integration would include software and advanced apps for the plants and animals section that SbLife has to complete for DiverseVitality. First we are tracking on humans and their progress. We need to adapt software when the participants can’t enter their own information

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?

While in college my business boomed here and I never wanted to have a different home base, even when I have traveled extensively.

What’s your favorite thing about being a member of NMTC?

I lovve that it reminds me of everything I do – from not only tech, but that my children were all born here and that I am so lucky to call ABQ home. It’s truly amazing, plus having children in tech, more talent I hope to boomerang back home as our talent. It’s tech +NM. It’s part of my actual identity as a person.

Connect with SandboxLife® 

SandboxLife | Valore Ventures | DiverseVitality

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