5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Women in Tech 2024! 

Don’t Miss these 5 Exciting Awards Ceremony Perks

The 16th Annual Women in Tech Awards Luncheon is happening soon!  

On March 13th, we’ll gather to celebrate the accomplishments of 2 Emerging Leaders and 8 Women in Tech Honorees! As we gear up for this important celebration of gender equity in the New Mexico technology industry, let’s take a look at 5 things you don’t want to miss at the Women in Tech Awards.  

1. Celebrate our Amazing Awardees!

The 10 women being awarded in this year’s ceremony are making an impact across multiple sectors! Ranging from local, state, and federal government, startups, and venture capital, to enterprise level IT companies and cutting-edge research and development, these women are changing the game in tech.   

2. Learn more about the incredible organizations sponsoring this event! 

With over 30 exhibitors at the NM Women in Tech Awards, you’ll have a chance to learn about all the incredible innovation happening throughout New Mexico. Meet representatives from Deloitte, Verus Research, Encantado Solutions,  you don’t want to miss this! Come early and stay after the ceremony to get the most out of this unique opportunity! 

3. Connect with a wide array of industry professionals! 

The 2024 Women in Tech Awards is designed to be an impactful, industry-specific networking event and a great way to connect the NM tech community to the wider economic stage. With over 600 attendees and 30 + sponsors, there is ample opportunity to make new contacts and expand your professional network!  

4. Show your support for this important cause!  

Currently, women make up about 33% of the entire tech workforce, despite making up 50% of the population. Come out to show your support for women in tech and learn how to encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM.  

5. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Hotel Albuquerque! 

Last but not least, sit down with colleagues and collaborators for a delicious luncheon at Albuquerque’s premiere event space. Hotel Albuquerque is an amazing event destination in part due to its world class cuisine and historic setting. Your ticket gets you all of this and more! 

Getting excited about the 2024 NM Women In Tech Awards? We sure are! If you haven’t had a chance to register for the Awards luncheon, happening on March 13th at Hotel Albuquerque, make sure you get your tickets today (linked text). We can’t wait to see you there! 

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Lauren Trujillo

Meet our next 2024 NM Women in Tech Awards Honoree, Lauren Trujillo! A dedicated professional committed to advancing digital transformation in Fortune 100 IT teams worldwide. Specializing in cybersecurity, cloud architecture, and DevOps, Lauren has built a stellar reputation as the go-to technical expert for global giants like Costco, PetSmart, Disney, ESPN, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

Driven by a passion for continuous learning, Lauren holds certifications including Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Information Systems Auditor, alongside 15+ certifications in leading cloud and security vendors. Currently pursuing professional certifications in DevOps and DevSecOps at MIT, Lauren is dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry innovation. 

Recognized as one of the top technical resources for Lumen Technologies in 2024, Lauren has been highlighted as a speaker for Lumen’s Summer Security Summit Series. Additionally, Lauren serves as the Co-Chair for Maker’s Mission, a nonprofit aimed at inspiring the next generation of innovators by providing underprivileged schools with the tools and technology they need to succeed. 

As a Women in Leadership Advisory Board Member at the University of Houston,  Lauren advocates for women exploring careers in cybersecurity and mentors Lumen’s new hires and interns in infosec architecture and engineering. [He/She] is also an expert resource and advocate for SLED, HigherEd, and K-12 organizations, providing invaluable guidance on technology frameworks and funding programs. 

Lauren has an impressive list of achievements, including:  

  • Named 1 of 4 top technical resources for Lumen Technologies in 2024. 
  • Highlighted as a speaker for Lumen’s Summer Security Summit Series as a top security expert in 2024. 
  • Named Co-Chair for Maker’s Mission non-profit board of directors. 
  • Certified Ethical Hacker. 
  • Certified in Fortinet NSE 1-4, Palo Alto, Cisco, Azure, SPLUNK, Netskope, Cato, TrustMarq, Versa, AppGate, and other industry-leading security & cloud vendors. 

“I have worked my way up through various roles within the industry and creating a reputation as the “go-to” technical resource, “ says Lauren of her drive for success. “I have dedicated my career to staying curious and consistently pushing myself to continuously learning the industry from every angle.” 

With a steadfast commitment to empowering others and driving positive change, Lauren is a true leader in the tech industry, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others and shaping the future of technology.  

Join us on March 13th at Hotel Albuquerque for the 16th Annual Women In Tech Awards! At the Awards Luncheon, we will be celebrating Lauren and all of our 2024 Awardees, as well as past Awardees and the Women In Tech Award Scholarship winners. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Soledad Roybal

Soledad Roybal is a public policy leader and one of our 2024 Women In Tech Awardees! Soledad exemplifies advocacy, leadership, and working to advance others through mentorship in the dynamic and complicated world of public policy. As the Regional Head of Public Policy at Getaround, Soledad consistently works to break down barriers, increase opportunities for marginalized voices, and advance legislation that promotes a better world for everyone.

During her tenure at the U.S. Department of State, Soledad led a delegation that was instrumental in advocating for increased women’s representation in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Her dedication was pivotal in successfully adopting a resolution highlighting female leadership’s crucial role in global policymaking. Her inclusion in the “40 Under 40 Latinos in Foreign Policy” list is a testament to her contributions to international tech diplomacy.

While working for the ITU, Soledad supported the Equals-In-Tech program in New York and Geneva, helping to develop this important initiative. Soledad’s expertise in building awareness, fostering political commitment, mobilizing resources, and engaging partners was critical in shaping the program’s trajectory

Beyond her professional work, Soledad was a fellow in the Schusterman Foundation’s REALITY program, bringing together leaders from diverse backgrounds committed to driving positive social change. She participated in the U.S.-Spain Young Leaders Program, the Center for American Progress’s U.S.-Mexico Leaders Initiative, and as a Ricardo Salinas Scholar for the Aspen Institute Socrates Program.

Empowering the next generation of thoughtful, curious, and open-minded leaders is central to Soledad’s life purpose. Drawing from her own experiences, she mentors aspiring young leaders, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Currently, she is mentoring two young women, including one through the Obama Foundation

Sharing her insights on why she makes an effort to be a mentor: “Having navigated the government and policy profession without the advantage of family or friends in government, or the guidance and connections that often come with it, I understand how challenging it can be, especially coming from a working-class background. Through these mentoring opportunities, I aim to be the support and guide I wish I had, helping aspiring leaders, particularly women, to forge their path in public policy and make a meaningful impact.”

Beyond her professional endeavors, Soledad remains deeply committed to community engagement and advancement in the tech industry. Through volunteer work, scholarship initiatives, and supporting other women’s success, she exemplifies the values of equality, opportunity, and community betterment. Her dedication to uplifting underserved communities resonates both locally and globally, leaving a lasting impact on those she touches.

Soledad’s journey is more than just a story of personal achievement; it’s a testament to the transformative power of advocacy, mentorship, and community engagement. Through her leadership and tireless efforts, she continues to break barriers, inspire others, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in politics, public policy, and technology.

We are so honored to present Soledad Roybal and all of our amazing 16th Annual NM Women in Tech Awardees this March during the 2024 NM Women in Tech Awards Ceremony. These women are truly impacting the tech ecosystem in New Mexico and beyond!

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Donna Riley

Dr. Donna Riley is the Jim and Ellen King Dean of Engineering and Computing at the University of New Mexico—and now, one of our ten 2024 New Mexico Women in Tech Awards Honorees! As a leader in STEM education, Donna has forged a path for gender equity in the Sciences and acted as a mentor to many women scholars. An author, engineer, and leader in civic engagement, Donna’s leadership has positively impacted a wide sphere of influence. We are excited to feature Donna as one of our 2024 Honorees!

Donna’s career has focused on engineering education and inclusive excellence. She is the author of two books, Engineering and Social Justice and Engineering Thermodynamics and 21st Century Energy Problems. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in chemical engineering from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon. After her education, Donna became a faculty member at Smith College. There, she worked to create the first engineering program at a US women’s college.

Then, she led even more ceiling shattering changes at Purdue University. While Donna was a leader at Purdue, she championed the promotion of the first woman ever to full Professor of Engineering Practice. Additionally, while at Purdue, she was instrumental in promoting 7 other women to Full Professor.

Donna’s career has always had a focus on mentorship and community:

“Throughout my career I have engaged in STEM community outreach activities, from conducting workshops on air pollution monitoring with the Sally Ride Science Festival, to speaking with the Zonta Club and local high schools about the launch of Smith’s engineering program and what that meant for women in STEM, to connecting my engineering classrooms with local environmental organizations.”

As a mentor to a group of women leaders in the ELATES (Executive Leadership in Academic Technology, Engineering, and Science) program, Donna is helping to shape the future of Women in Tech.  While employed at Purdue University, Donna also served as a mentor to women faculty who were early in their careers and participants in Purdue’s Susan Bulkley Butler Center. Of that experience, Donna states: “All my mentees successfully received tenure.”

Additionally, Donna served as a mentor to American Association of the Advancement of Science Fellows at the National Science Foundation  and as an informal mentor in the national engineering education research community to women graduate students and postdocs.

Donna also has an impressive list of awards and achievements, including:

  • ASEE Hall of Fame, 2023 – among 22 honorees in the first class of members named in 30 years;
  • Violet Haas Award, 2021 which recognizes individuals, programs, or departments who have effectively facilitated the advancement of women at Purdue University.
  • Fulbright Specialist, New Zealand, Equity and Inclusion in Engineering, 2018.
  • ASEE Fellow – 2016.
  • Educator of the Year (2010) National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP).

We are excited to welcome Dr. Donna Riley to this impressive legacy of NM Women in Tech! Join us to celebrate Dr. Riley’s achievements and this year’s Awardees at our March 13th celebration at Hotel Albuquerque. Register today

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Member Spotlight: PNM

Monthly, the New Mexico Tech Council highlights one of our amazing members in a special feature. We have so many innovative companies doing business in New Mexico–and right here is the hub for learning more about them!

This month NMTC is excited to present a special edition of our monthly Member Spotlight segment, featuring PNM Resources.  PNM is a long time Premier Community Partner and a sponsor for the 2024 Women in Tech Awards. Read below to learn more about PNM’s impact on NMTC and the community at large.

PNM: One Hundred+ Years of Service

How many energy-dependent devices do you use daily?

Let’s make this a bit easier: how many electrical devices do you use before you travel to work or head into your home office?

Depending on your morning routine, you might use five or more devices before you leave your house. It’s easy to take energy for granted—it’s there at the flick of a switch to charge our phones and laptops, power our TVs and provide the means to store food and make a hot breakfast before we go to work or school.

Energy and its consumption have become a critical part of our routines, one that we expect to be there when we need it.

PNM understands how critical energy is and has an unwavering dedication to energy sustainability, safety, and reliability.

With this dedication in mind, our passion to serve customers and communities is foundational to our work. PNM’s mission is to provide reliable, affordable electricity to over 530,000 customers every day. We care about the future of energy and its impact on the community. We currently produce 40% renewable and 55%+ carbon-free electricity and our goal is to get to 100% carbon-free energy in the future.

PNM was born and bred in New Mexico in 1917. We are as true as green and red. With over a century of serving New Mexicans, PNM’s employees have family roots that spread across our state and span generations. This is just one of the many reasons why PNM is devoted to the health and wellbeing of our hometowns and communities. We have a longstanding and rich history in our beautiful state and will be here in the future to serve our valued customers with reliable and affordable electricity.

Giving back to communities and supporting impactful organizations like the NM Tech Council is integral to our legacy of service. PNM’s relationship with NMTC goes back decades, to the early days of the association. PNM shares in the mission of NMTC to cultivate the positive impact of technology to secure a bright future for current and future New Mexicans.

PNM’s superpower is its employees. Not only do they serve on multiple nonprofit boards, but they freely give their time to support local communities. Over the past 15 years, three PNM employees have held leadership roles on the NMTC Board of Directors and helped to shape the organization and impact the tech ecosystem. Board Member Emeritus, Barbara Lopez, PMP, Manager – IT Program, Current Board Member, Mike Mertz, VP of New Mexico Operations and CIO for PNM, and Former NMTC Board Member Chairperson Sheila Mendez, Executive Director, PMO, who served on the board for many years on the NMTC Executive Committee.

PNM is a longtime supporter of the NM Women in Tech Awards, having sponsored, attended, and promoted the event for most of its 16-year history.

Promoting gender equity and the advancement of women in the workplace is an important value for PNM, and we are proud to have several female officers who lead the company every day. Additionally, we are delighted to have five employees who have been recognized as Women in Tech Honorees in previous years. These women continue to be a part of the legacy of NMTC and the Women in Tech awards to this day.

PNM’s support of the local community extends beyond its partnership with NMTC, as our goal to shape the carbon-free future of New Mexico. Here are some of PNM’s quick community-giving stats with links for further info:

  • More than 400 organizations/nonprofit received $3.3 Million in foundation grants and community sponsorships
  • In 2023, hundreds of PNM employees & retirees gave nearly 10,000 hours of volunteer time and service
  • In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the PNM Resources Foundation, $700,000 in grants were awarded in 2023 to 44 local nonprofits. Highlights of this incredible event are on YouTube!

Want to learn more about PNM’s dedication to the community and our practices?

Any questions?

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Catherine Nicolaou

One of our 16th Annual Women In Tech Honorees, Catherine Nicolaou, is doing impressive work to expand tech equity across New Mexico. An accomplished leader, mentor and businesswoman in tech, Catherine is bridging the telecommunications divide for rural, tribal and urban communities throughout New Mexico. As a Latina in Tech, Catherine is a champion of diversity in business and public service. We are excited to have her in this year’s Women In Tech cohort! 

Currently, Catherine is spearheading initiatives to ensure equitable access to broadband services and digital literacy resources, acting as the City of Albuquerque’s first Broadband Program Manager. Previously, she worked with Sacred Wind Communications, focusing on rural telecom provision and bringing broadband access to tribal lands.  

Catherine is also active in several professional organizations and has a track record of advocacy, including serving as co-chair of New Mexico’s Digital Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility working group the New Mexico Tech Council, Hispano Philanthropic Society Board of Directors, and R4Creating. Additionally, Catherine has a history of community involvement, from volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters to leading mental health initiatives as PTA President at Double Eagle Elementary School. She is dedicated to bridging the digital divide and fostering leadership in her community. 

“When I was working in the mortgage industry, I put together a group of young professionals with the sole purpose of donating our time and expertise to non-profit organizations in the city,” said Catherine of her volunteer work. “One of the most impactful experiences was when we got the opportunity to clean a domestic violence shelter for women. We donated our entire Saturday to clean the shelter from top to bottom. 

This drive to give back extends to all areas of her professional impact, including extensive volunteerism and mentoring.  

Mentorship is incredibly important,” says Catherine. “I currently have a mentee that lives in California and is also in the telecommunications industry. I see mentorship opportunities in everything I do. Being a good mentor is something we can do on a daily basis with co-workers, friends and family. 

Recognition for her contributions to the tech community in Albuquerque and New Mexico as a whole include receiving the Albuquerque Business First 40 Under 40 Award and securing grants for connectivity programs. Catherine is deeply invested in working to create a better future for all New Mexicans through awareness, equity and leadership.  

Catherine is an indispensable force for digital equity in New Mexico. Join us in celebrating Catherine and all of our other Awardees on March 13th at the New Mexico Women In Tech Awards!  

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Mary Monson

Banner with illustrated yucca and image of Mary Monson

Mary Monson (she/her) is a seasoned leader in business, the public sector and technology. She boasts over 25 years of managerial expertise at Sandia National Laboratories, particularly in technology partnerships, intellectual property, and business development. We are so excited to highlight Mary as one of our 16th Annual Women In Tech Honorees! 

Currently, Mary is a Senior Manager for the Integrated Partnerships Organization and a Program Director of the Office of Research and Technology Applications. Across these two impressive roles, she oversees 150 staff members, who work across all of Sandia National Labs’ mission portfolios. 

Mary’s dedication extends beyond Sandia National Labs An active member of state, regional and national initiatives, she sits on various national and state technology advisory boards that facilitate the transition of lab inventions into the marketplace. 

 As a savvy business leader, Mary played a pivotal role in establishing Sandia’s business development capability, growing it from five staffers to a team of over 150 employees, and leading the Integrated Partnerships Organization with a $28 million budget. In her role at Sandia National Labs she drives technology transfer programs, including IP management and strategic partnerships, emphasizing collaboration with diverse organizations seeking innovation. Under her leadership, Sandia’s tech transfer capability has resulted in significant economic impact and job creation, solidifying the importance of such public/private partnerships. 

I am committed to increasing the engagement of women in our technology transfer programs at the labs and engaging both internal and external women entrepreneurs in our commercialization programs,” says Mary of the importance of the program. “Every technology transfer program we execute has a gender diversity component to combat the underrepresentation challenge. 

Mary is deeply committed to advancing women in STEM and fostering innovation and spearheaded the DIVERSE-W initiative at Sandia National Labs with the goal of promoting women’s participation across the many departments within the labs. In addition, Mary shows her, dedication to gender diversity in the STEM workforce through active engagement in mentorship programs and internships, nurturing talent and fostering a culture of innovation within Sandia and the broader community. 

Mary‘s community involvement extends to supporting local businesses during the pandemic, collaborating with programs like the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program and providing training for first responders. Additionally, she leads initiatives like the C-4 Partnership Model, focusing on clean energy manufacturing and commercialization, and contributes nationally by sharing best practices in technology transfer. Mary‘s multifaceted leadership embodies a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and economic development, making her a driving force in both local and national tech ecosystems. 

As a force for change in New Mexico and beyond, Mary is an exceptional woman in tech. We are excited to honor Mary’s many achievements and highlight her contributions at the 16th Annual Women In Tech Awards! 

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Trace Kliphius

Trace Kliphius is an entrepreneur (CEO, EnviTrace) with a chemical engineering degree and is the CEO of EnviTrace, an R&D startup that develops cutting-edge technology for environmental applications. Trace is also an artist, volunteer mediator and professional coach, perfume maker, and recognized leader with over 20 years of public outreach expertise and technical and management experience. We are honoring Trace’s accomplishments in our 16th Annual Women In Tech Awards! 

Trace’s successful environmental tech start-up, EnviTrace, received a New Mexico Tech Council Flying 40 Award in 2023 for outstanding and innovative work in the tech sector.  

Before successfully launching EnviTrace, Trace was the executive director at the New Mexico Office of Natural Resources Trustee, where she was responsible for every aspect of the operations. She was also the Water  Protection division director at the New Mexico Environment Department; while a division director, she successfully handled numerous issues requiring urgent, complex actions with political and environmental ramifications. Trace was critical in the remediation and response to the Gold King Mine disaster, which threatened the livelihood of several Native American Nations along the San Juan River.

“By enforcing environmental laws and advocating for sustainable energy-utilization practices, I have contributed to cleaner air and water, preserved ecosystems, carbon reduction, and improved public health,” says Trace of her professional impact. “While it may not always be visible, work in environmental regulation has a ripple effect that transcends generations, leaving a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship and a healthier life and work environment for all. 

While at the Environment Department, Trace received the following awards:  

  • Group Achievement Award (2014);  
  • Employee of the Quarter Award (2011); and  
  • a three-time recipient of the Air Quality Bureau Outstanding Achievement Award (2004, 2007, and 2009). 

Trace is also a committed community member and volunteers for a wide variety of organizations. She volunteered as a mediator for New Mexico’s Alternative Dispute Bureau since 2017 and served as a mediator expert panelist—and only woman on the panel—for the State Bar Association with a focus on power issues in mediation. I am a founder and a member of the Regional Interest Group for New Mexico within the Geothermal Rising. EnviTrace, her company, participates in several local volunteer organizations aiming to support grass-roots economic development, including American Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico (http://aiccnm.com), Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce (https://sfsustainablebusiness.com), and New Mexico Minority Business Development Agency Business Center (https://nmmbda.com). Other volunteer activities include: 

  • Founder and Executive Director, Santa Fe Artists in Action, 2019-2021  
  • Board member, Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership, 2015-2018  
  • Santa Fe Public Schools Citizen Review Committee (CRC) Member, 2011-2012  
  • Santa Fe Magistrate Court Mediation Services Volunteer, 2011-2012  
  • Santa Fe Public Schools Task Force Volunteer, 2010-2011  
  • Chairperson, State Employee Recognition Committee, Environment Department, 2005-2006 

Trace is an inspiring, multitalented Woman In Tech and we are so excited to honor her contributions at our Women In Tech Awards Ceremony! Don’t forget to register for the March 13th event. We can’t wait to celebrate these 10 amazing women with you! 

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Women In Tech Awardee: Susan R. Cornelius

Susan R. Cornelius (she/her) is a leading tech entrepreneur and mentor in the Southwest region and we are excited to present her accomplishments as one of our 2024 Women In Tech Awards Honorees! 

Drawing on over thirty years of achievements as a startup entrepreneur and ecosystem leader in the Southwest, Susan has mentored 620 startup entrepreneurs and innovators; advised 89 emerging high tech, bio-tech, and bio pharma startups, helping them capture opportunities and capitalize their technologies; served a major role in 10 high tech startups, two of which were her own; and coached them to create equity worth over $1.5B.  

Susan started her entrepreneurial career in the New Mexico tech industry before moving to California and establishing success there. She then returned home with new skills and a network of investors to New Mexico. Along the way, she lifted up others, including many women.  

“I have always been the first woman in every position I have held and reached over to bring the next woman with me,” says Susan. “I am passionate about excellence, energizing others, and bringing them with me. I am a woman in technology.” 

Passionate about cultivating future leaders, Susan has been a critical force in New Mexico’s workforce development. Serving as Lead Mentor for the UNM Lobo Rainforest Innovations tech transfer program, she has mentored over 200 students and professors, connecting them to programs that have successfully marketed and launched a breadth of technologies. Susan also served 27 years as a Member, Board Member, and Madrina(TM) of two chapters of MANA, A National Latina Organization. During this time, she has mentored over 200 Hermanitas(TM) to attend college and study STEM careers. 

Susan describes her pathway to leadership began in her childhood:  

“My family said, that as a child, I lined up our horses and dogs, and pretended that I was teaching them. I certainly trained them. That was the beginning,” Susan describes. “I am a woman and a mentor in tech. That is what I do for a living. I have mentored children, college students, and women in tech, my entire career. I have created models for successful startups at the University of New Mexico Lobo Rainforest Innovations. In each and every case, I have been told by the student entrepreneurs, that I treated them as entrepreneurs first and students second; that I listened, offered options, and pushed when necessary; and that they achieved results that they did not know were inside them.” 

Susan has been awarded with many achievements over the course of her career, including, but definitely not limited to:  

  • Recognized by the UNM Lobo Rainforest Innovations and described as “important to the innovation ecosystem” for accomplishments mentoring students and professors in science and tech.  
  • Recognized 2021, as a Woman of Influence by Albuquerque Business First.  
  • Elected Chair of MIT Enterprise Forum San Diego for contributions to increased membership. 
  • Recognized for contributions to the advancement of Latinas via a State of California Declaration by Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante.  
  • Nominated and awarded, by a startup, Learning Framework, for contributions to the staffing of and work environment to Athena, San Diego.  
  • Awarded Best Practices in Organizational Development by the American Society for Training and Development.  
  • Awarded Best Practices by the American Productivity and Quality Association for the opening of the UCSD Medical Center La Jolla.  
  • Awarded Best Practices in Nursing by the National Executive Nursing Council.  
  • Recognized by Governor Bill Richardson for contributions to the development of High Tech High in San Diego and invited to contribute to the development of the UNM High Tech High.  
  • Recognized by the Viejas Band of the Kumeyaay verbally and with a bonus for quick resolution of union contract negotiations with the AFL/CIO for information services and food service workers. 

We are so excited to have Susan R. Cornelius as one of our 16th Annual New Mexico Women In Tech Awards Honorees! Her contributions to the tech ecosystem in New Mexico are invaluable.  

Don’t forget to register for the Women In Tech Awards Luncheon, happening March 13th at Hotel Albuquerque, and for Wit, Wine, Wisdom, and intimate gathering featuring our 16th Annual Women In Tech Awardees, happening in May!

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Erin Scott Adams

Erin Scott Adams (she/her) is a 5th generation New Mexican, community leader, and coder—in addition to being one of our Women In Tech Awards Emerging Leaders! Erin made the jump to change careers and successfully pivoted to a career in software engineering after learning to code.  

“Leaving my full-time job to do the bootcamp was definitely a leap of faith,” Erin says of her career change. “Thanks to my family support system, some great mentors, and a lot of personal grit, the risk fortunately paid off.” 

Before making this impressive leap, Erin was a successful digital marketer, working for Visit Albuquerque. Erin attended the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp—and the rest is history! 

Currently, Erin is the Frontend Developer for Trek Bicycle and the Lead Organizer of Rubber Ducks NM, a networking, social, and educational group centered around female-identifying & non-binary adults in STEM.  Before leading Rubber Ducks Erin served as Co-Chapter Leader of Albuquerque’s Girl Develop It in 2018. Additionally, Erin regularly mentors women interested in pursuing Tech careers through informational interviews, resume review, and speaking at local Girls Who Code clubs. 

“I want my legacy to be that I made people feel seen,” said Erin. “I strive to cultivate collaborative coding teams where admitting ‘I don’t know’ is celebrated. I’m proud to have impacted corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies through my leadership in Employee Resource Groups at several organizations.” 

Erin’s dedication to supporting diversity in tech is clear: every role she’s had centers around her deep drive to support her community and she has gone above and beyond to make tangible change. In 2019, she created an Educational Seminar initiative within Rubber Ducks, in which the group offers free training opportunities to members on a variety of technical topics.  

“I look forward to the day when my peers on technical teams more accurately represent the diversity of the world around us,” said Erin. “The tools we’re building will be better for it.” 

Erin has been a professional Software Developer since 2018 and in her various roles during this time, she’s been a leader in developing accessible features and soliciting input from diverse voices. As a deeply rooted, 5th generation New Mexican, Erin is passionate about creating change in our state through a wide variety of volunteer activities. She is an active member of the Deep Dive Coding alumni community and assists the Google Developers Group in hosting events. Additionally, she has served on the Board of Directors for Adelante Development Center and for the Albuquerque Community Foundation Future Fund. She is also a member of the NM Tech Council, and in the past, served on the NMPRSA Board, was a member of Young Professionals of Albuquerque, and has been a mentor for StartUp Weekend. 

“I care deeply about investing in our people and creating opportunity here. I moved away from Albuquerque to attend college and travel, and after 6 years, I consciously decided to return and put down roots in New Mexico. My local pride comes from being a 5th generation New Mexican, and from my time working at Visit Albuquerque before I transitioned into software development.” 

We are so excited to have Erin as honored in this year’s Women In Tech Awards as an Emerging Leader. Join us on March 13th to celebrate all of our awardees, and again in May for our Wit, Wine, Wisdom event, an intimate and conversational event with our 16th Annual Women In Tech Awardees! 


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