Member Spotlight IBM

Each month, the New Mexico Tech Council (NMTC) spotlights one of our incredible members making significant contributions to the New Mexico technology sector. This month, we sat down with Danielle Madigan, Account Technology Leader for IBM, to learn more about their mission and impact. 


Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan.   

“To be the catalyst that makes the world work better” 

In two sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products you provide.   

IBM is a hybrid cloud and AI company that offers technology solutions to create long-term value for clients and solve their most pressing business problems. We are known for our unique ability to integrate hardware, software, and services in a way that sets us apart from other tech companies. 

What is your organization’s superpower?   

IBM provides a trusted IT foundation and a full stack of cyber-resilient solutions designed to protect your existing and next-gen workloads, whether on-premise or in the cloud. IBM’s solutions like Confidential Computing and Quantum-Safe cryptography, offer tremendous opportunities to manage risk by applying AI and cyber resiliency to your hybrid cloud. We do this with innovations, such as on-chip AI accelerators and industry-first, quantum-safe technologies. This, in turn simplifies your security journey and provides transparent memory encryption and data protection from edge to cloud and establishes Zero Trust Architecture. 

Why did you choose to do business in New Mexico?   

New Mexico is an exciting place to do business. It has a diverse economy, a growing pool of skilled talent, and research & development opportunities (especially with NMSU & UNM). From IBM’s standpoint, New Mexico is an ideal state to do business. 

Why did IBM join the Tech Council, and what benefits has NMTC provided?   

The New Mexico Tech Council is a respected voice in New Mexico’s tech industry and what makes the organization special is that it facilitates an environment for individuals from different organizations, who normally wouldn’t connect, to collaborate and learn from each other. NMTC provides a platform for IBM to connect with other tech companies, startups, and organizations in the state and establish relationships with potential partners, customers, and talent, which can help drive business growth and innovation. In addition, the Tech Council offers regular events, seminars, and conferences that provide IBM with access to industry insights, trends, and best practices. 

How is IBM impacting the local tech industry and creating a diverse workforce pipeline?    

IBM is focusing on areas like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data analytics, which should attract top talent from the state, and provide opportunities for collaboration with local universities and research institutions. 

What can we expect from IBM this year?   

IBM will continue to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, providing businesses with tools and solutions to automate repetitive tasks, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences. Additionally, we will expand our cloud offerings, including hybrid cloud platforms, which combine the benefits of public and private cloud computing. This will enable businesses to deploy applications and data in a flexible and secure manner. Cybersecurity will also remain a major focus. We aim to help protect businesses from emerging threats, including AI-powered attacks, ransomware, and other types of cybercrime. Finally, we will continue to support businesses in undergoing digital transformation by providing solutions for digitalization, data analytics, and cognitive computing. 




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2024 NM Keynote Speaker Announced: Vince Kadlubek

New Mexico Technology Council Announces Vince Kadlubek as New Mexico Tech Summit Keynote Speaker 

Albuquerque, NM – Vince Kadlubek, founder and former CEO of Meow Wolf, Inc., is headlining New Mexico’s premier tech conference. Formerly known as the experienceIT, the 2024 New Mexico Tech Summit (NMTS) returns on September 10th, bringing together innovative and insightful minds from New Mexico’s burgeoning tech industry. Presented by the New Mexico Tech Council (NMTC), the event will feature an expanded lineup of leading innovators presenting on everything from AI to cyber security, business solutions, AR/VR, aerospace, and more.  

Vince acted as leader and CEO for Meow Wolf through its formidable years, having created the business plan for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return and leading the team towards the project’s completion in March of 2016. In January of 2017 Kadlubek formed Meow Wolf, Inc. as a full-fledged arts production company and creative studio positioned to create the largest, most innovative and audacious monumental art exhibits in the world.  

After leaving Meow Wolf, Kadlubek has been a force of vision in the realm of experiential art, and in 2020 launched a creative consulting agency called Spatial Activations as a platform to usher in a new era of experiential art in modern developments and everyday life. Vince is most passionate about co-creating fully-realized alternative realities that bring paradigm-shifting transformation and inspiration to the world.  

“Vince Kadlubek has made an indelible mark on the tech economy in New Mexico,” says NMTC Executive Director/CEO Mia Petersen. “We are excited and honored to have Vince as our keynote speaker at this year’s NM Tech Summit. Learning about his perspective on the emerging nexus for creative technology in our state is an exciting addition to this premier event.” 

“New Mexico is pure potential right now, and I think Meow Wolf’s success has proved that,” said Vince Kadlubek, Founder of Meow Wolf. “Being a born-and-raised Santa Fean, this is the thing I’m most proud of; by basing Meow Wolf in our home state, we opened up New Mexico’s brilliance to the world. Our state is an open landscape of innovation just waiting to be unleashed.” 

NMTC is excited to present this engaging speaker at the NMTS this year. As New Mexico’s leading technology professional organization, NMTC fosters growth and innovation through technology and collaboration. 


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Member Spotlight: RS21

This month for our Member Spotlight, we catch up with RS21, a data science company that is making waves across the tech ecosystem in New Mexico!

Every month, NMTC spotlights one of our members that is doing amazing work in the NM Technology Ecosystem. Learn more about RS21 and check out their great video highlighting the great work they do!

What is your mission?
RS21 empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions that positively impact the world through innovative solutions that are insightful, intuitive, inspiring, and intellectually honest.

Tell us more about RS21.
RS21 is a rapidly growing data science company. We specialize in using AI, design, data engineering, and modern software development methods to tackle complex challenges in state and local government, energy, space, social equity, disaster preparedness, the environment, and more. Our human-centered approach to AI and data analytics empowers organizations to make better-informed decisions, drive efficiencies, and achieve goals. Recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company and a Fast Company Best Workplace for Innovators, RS21 is committed to making an impact in New Mexico’s communities.

What is your organization’s superpower?
Rooted in creating resilient solutions for the 21st century, RS21 excels in transforming complex data into actionable insights. We help organizations uncover hidden patterns and seize opportunities to drive innovation and effect positive change in an ever-evolving world.

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?
RS21 is headquartered in Albuquerque because we believe deeply in the state’s creative and technical capabilities and have made a commitment to contribute to New Mexico’s rich history of technology and innovation. In addition to supporting our diverse local talent and tech community, RS21 is proud to work with state and local agencies, national labs, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, local businesses, and leading educational institutions to make data insights actionable and accessible. Whether it’s using satellite data to help reduce emissions, developing new applications to ensure the youngest among us have access to early childhood education, or creating interactive dashboards and models that support water and natural resource management, our collaborations empower our state’s leaders and decision-makers to leverage data insights and implement strategies that create meaningful impact.

What’s next for your company?
At RS21, we’re continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with data to create tangible, positive changes in communities. Looking ahead, we plan to expand our collaborative efforts with state and local partners, deepen our impact through even more precise insights and advanced capabilities, and innovate new tools to help address the most pressing challenges in New Mexico and beyond.

Check out this video to learn more about the great work RS21 is doing in New Mexico!

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Member Spotlight: IronEdge Group

Every month, we highlight one of our incredible members that is doing outstanding work in the New Mexico technology sector. This month, we are highlighting IronEdge Group–formerly LightHouse Business Information Solutions–an IT consultancy group that prioritizes world-class service.

LightHouse Business Information Solutions recently merged with IronEdge, can you tell us more?

We are excited to share that LightHouse Business Information Solutions has merged with IronEdge Group, creating a new, stronger entity to better serve local businesses in New Mexico and surrounding regions.

What is your mission?

Our mission at IronEdge is to empower local businesses with holistic technology support, providing client-centric strategy and support to eliminate the frustration that companies face with technology.

What is your organization’s superpower?

With an expanded geographic reach across Texas, the Southwest, Rocky Mountain region and beyond, IronEdge offers a comprehensive suite of IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses today. From managed IT and Business Intelligence services to cybersecurity and cloud services, we equip businesses with the most advanced and reliable technologies to mitigate risk and fuel growth.

Why did you join NMTC?

At IronEdge Group, we believe everyone deserves great experiences with their technology. That’s why we partner closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, developing tailored IT solutions that create lasting value and enable business growth. In alignment with our commitment to offering best-in-class IT solutions and support, IronEdge is proud to join the New Mexico Technology Council. As a member, we aim to contribute to the council’s mission of growing the impact of technology in New Mexico and creating a better future through technology.

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?

As a managed IT service provider that focuses on business outcomes, we are eager to engage with the local tech community, share our insights, and collaborate on local initiatives to drive innovation and propel businesses forward through the strategic use of technology. IronEdge looks forward to the opportunity to be an integral part of the NMTC community and work together toward a bright technological future in New Mexico.

Interested in exploring managed IT and cybersecurity solutions for your business? We invite you to reach out to our team of experts to discuss your specific IT goals and take your technology experience to the next level.

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Member Spotlight: Encantado Technical Solutions

Catching Up with Encantado Technical Solutions

Each month, we catch up with one of our members to shine a spotlight on the amazing work they are doing in New Mexico. This month, our featured member is Encantado Technical Solutions, a full life-cycle IT solutions provider to federal customers!

Encantado is also a give-back focused organization, with a charitable impact that stretches across New Mexico. Read more about the amazing things Encantado Technical Solutions is doing for our state and beyond!

Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan.

Encantado Technical Solutions’ purpose is to help our federal civilian, intelligence and defense customers resolve our nation’s most urgent priorities and challenges through open collaboration, fostering innovation and delivering effective services and solutions to ensure their mission success. We are committed to creating opportunities to positively impact our people, our customers, and our communities.

In three sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products you provide.

Encantado provides full life-cycle IT solutions in a high-touch customer engagement model. We deliver optimized and efficient services that meet our customers’ needs with a focus on industry best practices and innovations. Our team delivers a wide array of mission critical services including end user support, software development, supporting high performance computing and cloud technologies.

What is your organizations superpower?

Encantado is exceptional at collaborative adaptability in support of our customers’ mission goals.

Encantado Technical Solutions has supported NMTC and the Women in Tech Awards for over 4 years, tell us about why you continue to support this event. 

At Encantado, we are very fortunate to have many amazing women in technology on our team who are driving innovation and delivery excellence for our customers. We appreciate the opportunity to sponsor this great event to celebrate their contributions and, hopefully, inspire other women to join and grow their careers in the tech industry.

How is Encantado Technical Solutions impacting the local tech industry and creating a diverse workforce pipeline? 

We work to positively impact our communities through active community engagement with local charities as well as through the great work being done by The Encantado Foundation. As part of our quarterly all hands events last year, our staff donated almost 900 pounds of goods to local charities including RoadRunner Foodbank, Ranchitos de los Ninos and, most recently, a toy drive for the northern NM village of Penasco.

Also, Encantado funds The Encantado Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to stimulate the development of hire-ready candidates for STEM positions in New Mexico. Over the last couple of years, the foundation has awarded over $930K to STEM organizations here in NM.

What can we expect from Encantado this year? 

We are committed to growing our business in NM and beyond; continuing to provide high end technical job opportunities, as well as positively impacting our communities and the missions of our customers.

Learn more about Encantado Technical Solutions on their website.

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Mara Schindelholz

Mara Schindelholz is a principal R&D staff member at Sandia National Laboratories—and one of our accomplished 2024 Women in Tech Awards Honorees! Mara’s accomplishments are a testament to her relentless pursuit of groundbreaking advancements, her commitment to fostering collaboration, and her passion for empowering underrepresented groups in the field of science and technology.

Mara’s career at Sandia National Laboratories spans over 15 years, during which she has led multi-disciplinary teams in developing innovative technologies for assessing and predicting the state-of-health of engineered systems. Her expertise particularly shines in the creation of novel environmental sensors, where she has made significant strides in advancing sensor technology. Mara’s groundbreaking work includes the development and translation of a novel nanoporous materials-based sensor, resulting in multiple papers, intellectual property, and collaborations with key partners such as the Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC).

“I am passionate about partnering with the tech transfer center at Sandia to help champion the resources they can provide, as well as others within the NM innovation ecosystem, to increase the translation of technologies out of the laboratories and into the NM community,” says Mara of her impact at Sandia Labs.

In early 2023, Mara embarked on an off-site assignment at the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program director, marking the first off-site assignment by a Sandia employee at the NSF since 2011. As part of the newly created Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (TIP) directorate, Mara plays a pivotal role in funding the nation’s newest deep technology start-ups. Her impact extends beyond financial support, as she provides guidance and mentorship to maximize the success of these burgeoning companies.

Mara’s many career achievements include:

  • Lab-Wide Team ERA for leading the closure of a longstanding failure investigation critical to the safety architecture for two weapon systems.
  • Mission Innovator Award, 2022, for achievements in sensor R&D.
  • Defense Programs Award of Excellence for Tech Transfer, awarded by the NNSA.
  • First-ever commercialization award from the DOE Energy I-Corps Program.

Throughout her career, Mara has been dedicated to translating innovative technologies out of the laboratory and into products that benefit communities and markets nationally. Her leadership in promoting technology transfer and business development within Sandia has led to numerous accolades, including Mission Innovator Awards and recognition from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). Mara’s efforts have also extended to mentoring younger female R&D staff and advocating for diversity and inclusion in technology, demonstrated through her outreach efforts aimed at increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in STEM. From attending conferences focused on advancing indigenous people in STEM to championing proposals for conferences addressing clean energy transition within Tribal Nations, Mara actively advocates for inclusivity and equal opportunities in the tech industry.

In her personal life, Mara strives to show people in her immediate community multiple pathways toward gender equity in technology:

“I have two young children (4 and 6). I am proud to be setting an example for them of all that women in technology can accomplish.”

Mara is an amazing leader in tech that is paving the way for future generations of women! We are so excited to honor her accomplishments at the 16th NM Annual Women in Tech Awards. Join us on March 13th for the Awards Luncheon at Hotel Albuquerque. Register today!

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5 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Women in Tech 2024! 

Don’t Miss these 5 Exciting Awards Ceremony Perks

The 16th Annual Women in Tech Awards Luncheon is happening soon!  

On March 13th, we’ll gather to celebrate the accomplishments of 2 Emerging Leaders and 8 Women in Tech Honorees! As we gear up for this important celebration of gender equity in the New Mexico technology industry, let’s take a look at 5 things you don’t want to miss at the Women in Tech Awards.  

1. Celebrate our Amazing Awardees!

The 10 women being awarded in this year’s ceremony are making an impact across multiple sectors! Ranging from local, state, and federal government, startups, and venture capital, to enterprise level IT companies and cutting-edge research and development, these women are changing the game in tech.   

2. Learn more about the incredible organizations sponsoring this event! 

With over 30 exhibitors at the NM Women in Tech Awards, you’ll have a chance to learn about all the incredible innovation happening throughout New Mexico. Meet representatives from Deloitte, Verus Research, Encantado Solutions,  you don’t want to miss this! Come early and stay after the ceremony to get the most out of this unique opportunity! 

3. Connect with a wide array of industry professionals! 

The 2024 Women in Tech Awards is designed to be an impactful, industry-specific networking event and a great way to connect the NM tech community to the wider economic stage. With over 600 attendees and 30 + sponsors, there is ample opportunity to make new contacts and expand your professional network!  

4. Show your support for this important cause!  

Currently, women make up about 33% of the entire tech workforce, despite making up 50% of the population. Come out to show your support for women in tech and learn how to encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM.  

5. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Hotel Albuquerque! 

Last but not least, sit down with colleagues and collaborators for a delicious luncheon at Albuquerque’s premiere event space. Hotel Albuquerque is an amazing event destination in part due to its world class cuisine and historic setting. Your ticket gets you all of this and more! 

Getting excited about the 2024 NM Women In Tech Awards? We sure are! If you haven’t had a chance to register for the Awards luncheon, happening on March 13th at Hotel Albuquerque, make sure you get your tickets today (linked text). We can’t wait to see you there! 

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Member Spotlight: PNM

Monthly, the New Mexico Tech Council highlights one of our amazing members in a special feature. We have so many innovative companies doing business in New Mexico–and right here is the hub for learning more about them!

This month NMTC is excited to present a special edition of our monthly Member Spotlight segment, featuring PNM Resources.  PNM is a long time Premier Community Partner and a sponsor for the 2024 Women in Tech Awards. Read below to learn more about PNM’s impact on NMTC and the community at large.

PNM: One Hundred+ Years of Service

How many energy-dependent devices do you use daily?

Let’s make this a bit easier: how many electrical devices do you use before you travel to work or head into your home office?

Depending on your morning routine, you might use five or more devices before you leave your house. It’s easy to take energy for granted—it’s there at the flick of a switch to charge our phones and laptops, power our TVs and provide the means to store food and make a hot breakfast before we go to work or school.

Energy and its consumption have become a critical part of our routines, one that we expect to be there when we need it.

PNM understands how critical energy is and has an unwavering dedication to energy sustainability, safety, and reliability.

With this dedication in mind, our passion to serve customers and communities is foundational to our work. PNM’s mission is to provide reliable, affordable electricity to over 530,000 customers every day. We care about the future of energy and its impact on the community. We currently produce 40% renewable and 55%+ carbon-free electricity and our goal is to get to 100% carbon-free energy in the future.

PNM was born and bred in New Mexico in 1917. We are as true as green and red. With over a century of serving New Mexicans, PNM’s employees have family roots that spread across our state and span generations. This is just one of the many reasons why PNM is devoted to the health and wellbeing of our hometowns and communities. We have a longstanding and rich history in our beautiful state and will be here in the future to serve our valued customers with reliable and affordable electricity.

Giving back to communities and supporting impactful organizations like the NM Tech Council is integral to our legacy of service. PNM’s relationship with NMTC goes back decades, to the early days of the association. PNM shares in the mission of NMTC to cultivate the positive impact of technology to secure a bright future for current and future New Mexicans.

PNM’s superpower is its employees. Not only do they serve on multiple nonprofit boards, but they freely give their time to support local communities. Over the past 15 years, three PNM employees have held leadership roles on the NMTC Board of Directors and helped to shape the organization and impact the tech ecosystem. Board Member Emeritus, Barbara Lopez, PMP, Manager – IT Program, Current Board Member, Mike Mertz, VP of New Mexico Operations and CIO for PNM, and Former NMTC Board Member Chairperson Sheila Mendez, Executive Director, PMO, who served on the board for many years on the NMTC Executive Committee.

PNM is a longtime supporter of the NM Women in Tech Awards, having sponsored, attended, and promoted the event for most of its 16-year history.

Promoting gender equity and the advancement of women in the workplace is an important value for PNM, and we are proud to have several female officers who lead the company every day. Additionally, we are delighted to have five employees who have been recognized as Women in Tech Honorees in previous years. These women continue to be a part of the legacy of NMTC and the Women in Tech awards to this day.

PNM’s support of the local community extends beyond its partnership with NMTC, as our goal to shape the carbon-free future of New Mexico. Here are some of PNM’s quick community-giving stats with links for further info:

  • More than 400 organizations/nonprofit received $3.3 Million in foundation grants and community sponsorships
  • In 2023, hundreds of PNM employees & retirees gave nearly 10,000 hours of volunteer time and service
  • In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the PNM Resources Foundation, $700,000 in grants were awarded in 2023 to 44 local nonprofits. Highlights of this incredible event are on YouTube!

Want to learn more about PNM’s dedication to the community and our practices?

Any questions?

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Women In Tech Awardee Spotlight: Akilah Martinez

Akilah Martinez (she/her) is an incredible rising star in the creative technologist landscape. As a Dine woman and New Mexican, Akilah is a fierce advocate for indigenous communities in our state. As a groundbreaking and fresh visual artist that uses tech in social practice, Akilah is an adept coder who blends philanthropic initiatives and advocacy with stunning, innovative XR development. Learning to code C# allowed her to expand her practice to include developing the groundbreaking app DigiNewMex, which highlights Indigenous foods and 7 Indigenous languages found in New Mexico including Navajo, Keres, Zuni, Jemez, Comanche, Apache, Nahuatl and even Spanish as spatial sound as a pathway to cultural preservation. 

Driven by a deep connection to indigenous advocacy work, Akilah has jumped to grow as a technologist at every possible opportunity. Travelling to Los Angeles and New York City with the Crux XR Fellowship in 2019 gave her unique perspectives on developing AR technology in New Mexico: “I learned so much about creating equity for women/women of color in technology, and how we can shift philanthropic dollars towards underserved communities in STEM to empower people of color and women to leverage XR technology to tell their own stories.” 

Akilah also acts as a mentor for Indigenous women participating in the New Mexico Community Capital program The Future Is Indigenous Women, helping participants gain digital literacy by introducing them to use up-to-date technology to find information, create content, optimize data, and to effectively communicate with others. 

“I volunteer a lot of my time in efforts to establish a local XR tech industry for Indigenous tribes of New Mexico,” says Akilah. “This work invests in the advancement of the local tech industry because XR development and usage is nonexistent on the Navajo Nation and nonexistent on most tribal nations in New Mexico.” 

Akilah also brings the personal to the wider world. She returned home after college to care for her grandmother, which spurred her interest in cultivating resources and awareness for caregivers. Her experience continues to motivate her, and she says prompted deep conversations and activism about the dangers of caregiver burnout and domestic violence. Shortly after, she experienced another hardship close to home:  

“As a result of losing my Dad in 2020, followed by dark and hopeless months, I was forced to be introduced to my own version of highest human potential and the human ability to evolve, innovate, create and invent new possibilities,” said Akilah. “Having a daily practice to positively evolve myself and my community are components that gave me something to live for after experiencing loss and surviving tragedy, which is a personal accomplishment to me.”  

Akilah has gone on to make profound impacts in the creative technology sector in New Mexico. Accomplishments in her professional career, all in support of developing XR experiences that revitalize Indigenous languages and culture, include:  

  • Receiving The Artizen Fund 2023 
  • Receiving Native Arts and Cultures Foundation LIFT 2022 
  • Awarded The Andy Warhol Foundation 2022  
  • Winning the AIBE Pitch Competition, 1st Place, for her idea to use XR technology to preserve and revitalize Indigenous languages and culture 
  • Inventing an interactive oscillator shoe prototype, using the code language C++, that was displayed at FATE Biennial 2013 

Akilah is also already a part of the thriving technology economy in New Mexico:  

“I apply my expertise on a volunteer basis to the local community by helping local businesses strategize how we can utilize XR marketing for their upcoming merchandise releases, free of charge,” says Akilah. “I believe that this type of XR development will help the local New Mexican ecosystem keep current with modern marketing tools that are valued throughout the world.” 

As an Emerging Leader, we are honoring her accomplishments and supporting her future leadership with this incredible award. Akilah Martinez is an incredible young professional with an exceptionally bright future in technology! Join us on March 13th to celebrate Akilah and all of our 2024 Women In Tech Awardees.  

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Member Profile | Hoonify

A Conversation with Andrew Clark, CEO, Hoonify

This month, we learned more about Hoonify, an emerging computing and software company that is making Supercomputing accessible to more businesses, organizations and individuals. Andrew Clark, CEO, gave some great perspectives about why Hoonify chose New Mexico!

Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan.

Supercomputing Without Limits.

In three sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products your provide.

Hoonify puts National Laboratory-level supercomputing powers in the hands of “Everyone, Anywhere”. Our software, TurbOS, provides immediate access to supercomputing capabilities in your office and in the field through secure, private cloud. Hoonify meets the growing demand for performing modeling and simulation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence workloads through on-demand and affordable solutions.

What is your organization’s super power?

Putting supercomputing powers into the hands of “Everyone, Anywhere”!

Why do you choose to do business in New Mexico?

New Mexico is home to major talent, education, and world-changing accomplishments. With two US DOE National Laboratories, the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and multiple educational institutions leading in science and engineering fields, Hoonify is excited to complement these institutions with additional supercomputing capabilities – and provide the many private companies and small businesses with new competitive advantages. Our entire team chose New Mexico as the place to establish our families and careers and the best place for our company to grow.

Why did you join NMTC and/or what do you hope to gain by being part of the membership?

We’re impressed by NMTC’s contributions and outreach to improve the greater Albuquerque community, and we’re interested in being a part of this positively impactful group. We hope to partner with other local companies and leaders to help Hoonify strengthen and create more opportunities for our community.

Please share one goal you have for your company within the next 12 months.

We’re super focused on partnering with and servicing industries within New Mexico, so to stay New Mexico True we’re looking to add another 5 – 10 (or more!) companies based in New Mexico to our Satisfied Customers list.

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