Announcing our New Executive Director


Change is Good – Meet Our New Executive Director

Let’s face it. No one likes change. But, change is never optional and everyone knows that nothing truly great happens without it.
The New Mexico Tech Council has undergone tremendous change over the past year.  We have overhauled our operations to better manage our membership and deliver greater value. We have re-crafted a portion of our sponsorship opportunities (now called partnership investments) to better deliver and report our impact. We refreshed our logo, added new peer groups and launched several new initiatives around talent, women in tech, and STEM. And as you will notice with this month’s communications, we are changing the way we communicate to our members and our stakeholders – more personal conversations, shorter and sweeter emails and newsletters. (See more about that below.)
All of this change is about taking our organization to the next level. At the end of the day, what makes this step-up possible is the team (or the person) that leads you through it. For the New Mexico Tech Council, that person has been Ms. Nyika Allen and we are proud to announce that as of October 1, 2015, she has assumed the position of Executive Director of NMTC.
Lisa Adkins, Director of FatPipe ABQ and Chairwoman of the New Mexico Technology Council had this to say about Nyika and her new role: “I am so very pleased that Nyika has accepted the full-time position as our Executive Director. Her youth, energy and enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air for our organization and I know new and existing members are already seeing the benefits of Nyika’s leadership.”
Over the past year, Nyika has served as the Director of Community & Operations at NMTC and has worked to affect all the changes above with the board and other interim staff at NMTC. Nyika brings a variety of experiences from within and outside of the technology industry coupled with a fresh energy around what makes New Mexico THE place for technology businesses to start, grow, and thrive.
Nyika’s experience since graduating with a degree in International Management from the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management includes being the Tech Expert for 2KASA Fox, Director of Business Development at Volante Software, and President of Nyika Media.  And, did we mention that in her spare time she was a speaker at TedXABQ 2015?
Join us in celebrating Nyika, the changes at NMTC and the future of the technology industry in New Mexico. This is a great time to get involved.  We have so much more to tell you, so many more efforts where we need our members and community to get involved.  But, as promised, our newsletters will be shorter and sweeter going forward and will include more unique news, perspectives and happenings in the tech industry. After all, the business of technology is everybody’s business.

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NMTC Welcomes 32 New Members

IMG_0651NMTC experienced a great summer for membership.  32 new folks and organizations joined our ranks.   Send them a shout out via social media using #welcometoNMTC.

Paul Romero Albuquerque Public Schools (APS)
Marcus Clark-Gross REDW LLC
Elaine Kelley WatchGaurd Technologies
Sam  Shaw Adelante Development Center, Inc.
Sean Broderick Alexa Strategies
Devon Moody Guebert Bruckner
April Suknot Ideum
John Reynolds Lemark Enterprise Software
Dee Skinner Li Vida Lena
Lane Findley Oracle
Jeff Averhoff Overlook
Roy Soto RLR Resources
Barbara Parks TKC Global Solutions, LLC
Stacy Sacco University of New Mexico Anderson Schools of Management
Cori Bergen Santa Fe Community College
Michael Herrick Matterform
Jessie Hunt Self
Richard Glover ACME Advanced Materials, Inc.
Brian Swainston Ardham Technologies
Star Ford Divergent Labs Inc.
Merridith Ingram Ingram/Schechter
Rebecca Galves NMSU Computer Science
Ben Lewinger Strategies 360
Eric Griego @Pay
Kristelle Siarza Siarza Social Digital
John Freisinger Technology Ventures Corporation
Dan  Brooks Sun Mountain Capital
Jennifer Sinsebaugh New Mexico MEP
Jackie Kirby-Moore Sandia National Laboratories
Karl Lund Overlook Systems Technologies
Ronald Suknot Student
Scott Woody Student


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