Member Spotlight IBM

Each month, the New Mexico Tech Council (NMTC) spotlights one of our incredible members making significant contributions to the New Mexico technology sector. This month, we sat down with Danielle Madigan, Account Technology Leader for IBM, to learn more about their mission and impact. 


Share your company’s mission statement and/or slogan.   

“To be the catalyst that makes the world work better” 

In two sentences describe what your organization does, including the services/products you provide.   

IBM is a hybrid cloud and AI company that offers technology solutions to create long-term value for clients and solve their most pressing business problems. We are known for our unique ability to integrate hardware, software, and services in a way that sets us apart from other tech companies. 

What is your organization’s superpower?   

IBM provides a trusted IT foundation and a full stack of cyber-resilient solutions designed to protect your existing and next-gen workloads, whether on-premise or in the cloud. IBM’s solutions like Confidential Computing and Quantum-Safe cryptography, offer tremendous opportunities to manage risk by applying AI and cyber resiliency to your hybrid cloud. We do this with innovations, such as on-chip AI accelerators and industry-first, quantum-safe technologies. This, in turn simplifies your security journey and provides transparent memory encryption and data protection from edge to cloud and establishes Zero Trust Architecture. 

Why did you choose to do business in New Mexico?   

New Mexico is an exciting place to do business. It has a diverse economy, a growing pool of skilled talent, and research & development opportunities (especially with NMSU & UNM). From IBM’s standpoint, New Mexico is an ideal state to do business. 

Why did IBM join the Tech Council, and what benefits has NMTC provided?   

The New Mexico Tech Council is a respected voice in New Mexico’s tech industry and what makes the organization special is that it facilitates an environment for individuals from different organizations, who normally wouldn’t connect, to collaborate and learn from each other. NMTC provides a platform for IBM to connect with other tech companies, startups, and organizations in the state and establish relationships with potential partners, customers, and talent, which can help drive business growth and innovation. In addition, the Tech Council offers regular events, seminars, and conferences that provide IBM with access to industry insights, trends, and best practices. 

How is IBM impacting the local tech industry and creating a diverse workforce pipeline?    

IBM is focusing on areas like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data analytics, which should attract top talent from the state, and provide opportunities for collaboration with local universities and research institutions. 

What can we expect from IBM this year?   

IBM will continue to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, providing businesses with tools and solutions to automate repetitive tasks, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences. Additionally, we will expand our cloud offerings, including hybrid cloud platforms, which combine the benefits of public and private cloud computing. This will enable businesses to deploy applications and data in a flexible and secure manner. Cybersecurity will also remain a major focus. We aim to help protect businesses from emerging threats, including AI-powered attacks, ransomware, and other types of cybercrime. Finally, we will continue to support businesses in undergoing digital transformation by providing solutions for digitalization, data analytics, and cognitive computing.