Answers to NMTC's Mayoral Candidate Forum held on August 17, 2017:

To the tech and small business community members who attended our Mayoral Candidate Forum on August 17, 2017:
My name is Lisa Adkins and I moderated the tech and small business Mayoral Candidate Forum held at FatPipe ABQ the evening of August 17, 2017. We had a fabulous turnout with 7 of the 8 candidates participating in the forum and about 200 audience members.
Our theme and format meant to be inclusive of our tech and small business community and we allowed attendees to drop their question in a bucket for the mayoral candidates. Like all the forums being held in our city this summer, there were more questions than could be answered in a single two-hour session.
Before we broke for the evening, I asked the candidates if they would be willing to respond to ALL of our questions if I typed them off and sent to each of them. We seemed to have agreement, so I took on the task of compiling our questions and sent them to each campaign. We requested answers by September 8, knowing it was a near impossible task with the campaign trail in front of them.
I’m happy to report that we got answers from three of the mayoral candidates and we will share them with you HERE. In the linked document, you’ll find answers to our questions from Tim Keller, Brian Colón and Gus Pedrotty. No other candidates responded to our request.
We hope everyone takes the time to vote for our next mayor. The continuity of our efforts in our local ecosystem is imperative and we can’t complain unless we take action to vote. Early voting is already open (find location here: and the Albuquerque Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.
Happy reading!!
Lisa J. Adkins
COO & Director, FatPipe ABQ & The BioScience Center
COO & Cofounder, Ingenuity Software Labs, Inc.