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The Civic Plaza Outdoor Stage Gets A Facelift

Audio Visual and Theatrical Stage Lighting System with Construction Completion Anticipated For Late June 2018


By Steve Otero – Regional Technology Director for Bridgers and Paxton Consulting Engineers
June 11, 2018, Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque, NM – Construction is underway on upgrades to the Civic Plaza outdoor stage; including a complete overhaul of the Audiovisual and Theatrical Lighting systems. Bridgers and Paxton Consulting Engineers’ designed A/V and Theatrical Lighting systems which will drastically improve the utility of the venue. As a result, the design team expects this to greatly increase the value of this venue as a popular rental asset and a landmark that the community can both enjoy using and take pride in.
Bridgers and Paxton Consulting Engineers was responsible for designing both the Audiovisual and Theatrical Lighting systems. The new systems were designed from the ground up to fulfill the primary goals of the project as laid out by the City of Albuquerque. The City’s criteria being:

  • The systems must be easy enough to use that is feasible for any person to be able to rent the space and use it, at least in a basic capacity, with minimal assistance from city staff but also flexible enough to not impede professional staging companies from being able to fully utilize all of the system’s capabilities.
  • The systems must be technologically advanced and must provide a significant “wow factor” in order to attract potential renters while also staying within budget.
  • The video system must include an outdoor-rated LED video wall with 1080p resolution. It must also be sized large enough to allow it to be used as an alternative to the portable projection screen that the city currently uses to host movie nights in the plaza.
  • The audio system must include a new speaker system which is capable of being used on its own for small to medium events but also capable of being expanded with additional portable sound equipment to function as part of a larger overall sound system suitable for large events. Additionally, the new speaker system must be designed to focus the event audio on a designated audience area and minimize spill in order to reduce noise complaints from nearby businesses.
  • The theatrical lighting system must provide functional capabilities at least equivalent to the existing lighting system.

In order to fulfill the functional requirements from the City of Albuquerque, Bridgers and Paxton designed the new Audiovisual and Theatrical Lighting systems to feature:

  • A cutting-edge outdoor-rated LED video wall with 4.8mm pixel pitch sized roughly 30’ wide by 16’ tall (35.2’ diagonal) for an excellent viewing experience from over 130’ away and sharp image quality even in the front row of seats. This is one of the largest outdoor-rated video walls at this pixel density currently installed anywhere in the USA.
  • A sound system utilizing dual outdoor-rated line-array loudspeaker clusters configured based on the results from multiple electro-acoustic computer simulations of the venue.
  • A theatrical lighting system utilizing outdoor-rated color-changing LED theatrical light fixtures and both a lighting control system and overhead mounting system with ample available capacity for future growth.

Construction is nearing completion. LED video wall is installed, speaker array and sound system are installed. Protection cover for the LED video wall is currently being constructed.

Engineered speaker arrays and sound system are designed and engineered to immerse the plaza with professional quality sound.


Theatrical stage lighting system and construction completion is anticipated for late June 2018.

Screen protection cover and Frame have been completed!

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NMTC Launches A Focus On Big Data

New Peer Group Event Arrives August 21st

Big Data is one of the fastest growing areas in IT and according to Forbes Big Data is making a huge contribution to revenue growth in Sales and Marketing, Research and Development, Supply Chain Management, Workplace Management and Operations. The New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) recognizes that there is a growing shortage of skilled resources in our state and NMTC is committed to helping our membership by building awareness of the technology and the opportunity. The Big Data Peer Group will exist to share information on Big Data and Data Analytics being used locally.

“NMTC is a strong believer in listening to our membership and helping to support their education and professional needs,” said Auri Vigil, Marketing and Events Coordinator at NMTC. “Big Data has been a topic in many conversations allowing for the perfect opportunity to help our membership by launching a new Big Data Peer Group.”

According to the forecasts of the World Economic Forum, by 2020 data analysts will be in high demand in companies around the world. The LinkedIn Workforce Report confirms and supports this claim for the USA, stating that demand for these skills has increased sixfold and is expected to continue to grow over the next five years. IBM predicts that the annual demand for data scientists, data developers and data engineers will lead to 700,000 new recruitments by 2020.

If you are interested in joining the NMTC Big Data committee or being a possible upcoming speaker please contact Nels Hoenig, NMTC Big Data Chairman at nmtcbd@gmail.com.

“Your ideas are welcome, we only succeed by sharing ideas and learning from each other,” says Hoenig.

Event Details:

Join us for the Big Data kickoff meeting on August 21st at the Bioscience Center!

NMTC Big Data Peer Group

Date: Tuesday, August 21st
Time: 8:00am – 10:00am
Location: The Bio Science Center
5901 Indian School Road NE
Albuquerque NM 87110
Register: Tickets
More information/Questions:
Contact Nels Hoenig, NMTC Big Data Chairman

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The I 40 Corridor Project

As technology continues to advance it is important for New Mexico to have high speed internet! We are seeing 5g enter our horizons and in order for New Mexico to provide 5g we will need ultra high speed broadband.

The I 40 Corridor Project is an opportunity for members of NAU, ASU and cities along the I 40 corridor to collaborate on an initiative that would help connectivity in New Mexico. In April our members BigByte hosted an event covering just this, with speakers Gil Gonzales, former CIO of the University of New Mexico and Michael Sherman, Executive Director of the Sun Corridor Network at Arizona State University.

Gil Gonzales, former CIO of the University of New Mexico, travels across the state connecting key leaders in the broadband initiative in hopes that one day 100% connectivity across California, Arizona and New Mexico will become a reality. He says that the biggest problem the 40 Corridor faces is covering the 100 gigs of fiber between Indigo and Albuquerque. The 40 Corridor Project is designed to be a four-phase project that would start in Las Vegas and finish in New Mexico.

Gil Gonzales, former CIO of the University of New Mexico

Michael Sherman, Executive Director of the Sun Corridor Network at Arizona State University, explains that in order for the fiber problems of rural areas to get solved it will take a regional effort of: Universities, schools, national and regional networks, tribal communities, service providers, county and municipal Government, healthcare, economic development, private sector, fiber providers and worldwide technologies.


What’s Next?

Show Your Support

Michael Sherman invites you to express your support in the form of a Letter of Interest from your organization. He asks that you help gauge support and express it to policy makers, additional potential collaborators, and other stakeholders. Michael has provided the sample letter in the link below and encourages you to modify it as you see fit. Send all letters to Michael at michael.sherman@asu.edu.

Sample Letter

Next Event

Join diverse private and public-sector stakeholders at the next 40 Corridor Project meeting. This meeting will address the need for robust, diverse, reliable high bandwidth along the I-40 corridor, which is increasingly critical to institutions, businesses, and communities in New Mexico, California, Arizona and Nevada.

Date: Thursday May 17th

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Location:  High Country Conference Center

201 W Butler Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ

More information/Questions:

Contact Lea Pochyla, Lea.Pochyla@nau.edu


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Latest NMTC Job Board Postings

Updated job opportunities are now available on the New Mexico Technology Council Website! To submit open positions for your own organization, use the Members Portal (or click on the Login menu item) or contact us.

 Client Development & Relations Manager

The New Mexico Technology Council is looking for a full time Client Development & Relations Manager! Do you want to be involved with a great company that’s excited to support, develop, evolve and elevate the technology industry in our beautiful state? Do you love interacting face to face with clients and forming life-long relationships while doing so? Are you passionate about technology and the future of our state? To view more, click here.

Account Manager/Business Development

Ardham Technologies is a leading IT Solutions Provider currently seeking an experienced Account Manager for their Albuquerque headquarters. With this opportunity, you will be entering a fast paced and tech savvy world. The ideal candidate will have exceptional interpersonal skills, be self-motivated, be technical, and have experience working with a wide range of technologies. To view more, click here.

Detector Specialist (Research Technologist 3)

P-27 is looking for a detector specialist to work on direct and indirect measurements of neutron induced reactions. The successful candidate will assist P-27 scientists in performing experiments and developing the suite of instruments located at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE).
  To view more, click here.

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Women in Technology Scholarship Winner Announced

Mary, Nat, Samantha and Erin at Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp

In recognition of the vital need for ongoing technology education and certification for Women in Technology, the New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) through the generous donations of our sponsors, awards a single scholarship annually to one of our deserving members. The scholarship may fund additional education, job training, or certification so that one of our own can enter into or enhance a career in technology.
Here’s a bit about this year’s winner.
Samantha Andrews represents the future of technology in New Mexico. She has been a student at CNM’s Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp where, according to her coach and mentor, she is a wonderful programmer who has shown that she is a professional with leadership qualities, always the first to take the initiative and accomplish tasks, and always focused on all stakeholders. She plans to continue her educational pursuits to develop her programming and technology skills.
Congratulations Samantha Andrews, our 2018 WIT Scholarship award winner!
She will receive $5,000 in educational reimbursements and continued involvement with the New Mexico Technology Council’s Women in Tech mentor network.

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2018 WIT Celebration Honorees Announced

WIT Celebration Title Sponsor 

NMTC will recognize eight women in multiple tech industries from aeronautics to biotechnology, and information technology in large organizations to startups at the Women in Technology Celebration being held March 8th at the Sandia Casino. All of our honorees have found a way to give back to their communities and mentor other women along the way. Tickets are available at HoldMyTicket until Monday, March 5th at midnight. 

2018 Honorees:

Ronda Cole
NM Tech, Director, AFRL NM
STEM Outreach

Joy A. Colucci, Ph.D Metis Technology Solutions, Inc,
Owner & CEO

Jenniffer DeGreeff
NM Gas Company, Manager
Integrity Management

Paula A. Getz
Oracle USA,
Vice President,
Global Risk Management

Caitlin Kontgis Descartes Labs, Applied Scientist

Tracy Ragan
OpenMake Software, CEO & Co-founder


Prisca Tiasse Yoder, Ph.D The Community Lab, LLC


Alesia Torres
UNM Information Technologies,
IT Director, Applications


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Barbara Lopez Named Emeritus Board Member by NMTC

Barbara Lopez, IT Manager at PNM Resources, was named Emeritus Board Member by the New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) for her contributions to the success of NMTC over the span of 10 years. Barbara joined the Board of NMTC in 2008 when the organization was still known as the New Mexico IT and Software Association (NMITSA). As a member of the Board, Barbara has been an evangelist and ambassador for NMTC, promoting the mission of NMTC to grow the technology industry in New Mexico. She has actively participated in numerous volunteer activities including strategic planning, peer group committees, speaking engagements, staff development, and connecting businesses and entrepreneurs through events and programs. She received the NMTC Women In Technology Recognition Award in 2009 for her contributions to the technology field and mentoring activities.

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Go (South)West, Young Woman

Karen McKinnon

Karen McKinnon, Ph.D
Descartes Labs,
Applied Scientist

For hundreds of years, women have played a prominent role in the American southwest, from the matrilineal Hopi tribes to the early founders of the Santa Fe art colonies. The openness and space of the southwest have made it a place for exploration, risk, and new beginnings. Today, we can choose to continue this tradition in the modern world by pushing the boundaries of female participation in science and technology, with the auxiliary benefit of spurring economic growth in New Mexico.
Join Karen McKinnon as she talks about her own journey as a woman in science, and what her experiences around the nation and world have taught her about increasing female participation in technology.

Upcoming Events With Karen McKinnon

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