New Mexico is full of entrepreneurs and start-ups, some out of our national laboratories and some as a result of the great technology and dynamic work force in our state. If you are one of these entrepreneurs, have you heard of the Center for Commercialization & Entrepreneurial Training (CCET) at Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC)? If not – you should check it out!

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and strive to stay educated and learn as much as I can about being successful in my ventures. TVC’s CCET development program incorporates an extensive national experience base with local professional and academic subject matter expertise. Their seminars last a half day and cover topics you need as an entrepreneur, such as Entering the Entrepreneurial World, Market Research and the Marketing Plan, Financial Management and more. The seminars are taught by successful business owners from our own community and are completely free.

I’ve attended most of them, some more than once because the presenters change and you always get a fresh prospective. I will be sharing more about my experience with the mentoring and professional services offered by TVC in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Learn more and register online for CCET seminars at