Antitrust Compliance and Procedures Policy

It shall be the policy of the New Mexico Technology Council (“NMTC”) to be in strict compliance with all Federal and State Antitrust laws, rules, and regulations. Therefore, this policy applies to all membership, board of directors, committees, and other meetings sponsored by the NMTC, and to all meetings attended by representatives of the NMTC. The policy is as follows:

1.   The discussion of prices or price levels is prohibited. The discussion of any elements of an organization’s operations which might influence price is prohibited, including:

  a.   The cost of operations, supplies, or services

b.   Collusivebidding or restrictions on bidding practices

c.    Termsof sale including credit arrangements

d.   Profitmargins and mark-ups 

2.   It is a violation of Federal and State Antitrust laws to agree not to compete, therefore, organizations agreeing to divide territories and/or customers, and create limitations on business or pricing are not permitted. 

3.   Discussion relating to boycotts, or participating in boycotts is prohibited, including discussions about blacklisting. NMTC services that are of competitive benefit will be made available to non-members.

4.   Reasonable and objective criteria will be used to determine membership in the NMTC. The expulsion of a member will be based on justifiable grounds and members will be given due process rights before being expelled.

5.   It is the NMTC’s policy that all representatives of the NMTC should excuse themselves from any meeting where discussion involves any of the activities described above and the NMTC’s representative should request that the meeting minutes show that they left the meeting because of the antitrust discussion. Any such instances should be reported immediately to the Chair and staff of the NMTC.

6.   It is the NMTC’s policy that a copy of this Antitrust Compliance Policy and Procedures is given to each officer, director, committee member, and official representative of member companies and NMTC employees annually and that the same be read or understood at all meetings of the membership of the NMTC.

NMTC Antitrust Compliance and Procedures Policy Acknowledgment

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