2023 Highlights 


Highest Annual Operating Budget in NMTC History 


NMTC Peer Groups hosted 500+ Attendees 

NM Tech Summit hosted 600+ Attendees, 90+ Speakers, and 50+ Sponsors

Women in Tech Awards  hosted 400 Attendees, 8 WIT Honorees, and 20+ Sponsors

The New Mexico Tech Council (NMTC) is a 501(c)6 non-profit membership association, founded in 2000 with the vision of supporting a burgeoning tech ecosystem in the state of New Mexico.  Today, NMTC remains committed to supporting its members and advancing the local tech industry.

We believe that by bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries, we can create a stronger, more connected community that is equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Our programming, including the New Mexico Tech Summit and the New Mexico Women in Tech Awards, and Peer Groups unite entrepreneurs, businesses, researchers, and tech enthusiasts in collaborative and synergistic partnerships.

We’re proud to play a pivotal role in uniting the diverse local tech community and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas. At NMTC we are focused on propelling the Land of Enchantment into a brighter future.

2023 was a banner year for NMTC, with the organization reaching an unprecedented level of success across our membership, programming, and internal controls. Although this year was a successful one, NMTC faced new challenges and embraced the opportunity to grow stronger.

Notable accomplishments this year:

  • Record-breaking gross revenue in the history of NMTC
  • Achieved the highest level of engagement and revenue with NMTC Signature Events in NMTC history
  • Hosted over 30 Peer Group meetings with more than 500 attendees
  • Restructured the NMTC membership options and enhanced membership services
  • Streamlined the bookkeeping process and established financial controls
  • Established board of directors’ best practices, including straightforward meeting risk mitigation, expectations, guidance, and structure

Here are some of the challenges we encountered along the way:

  • Turnover in the staff marketing role
  • Implementing the 2023 strategic plan of work
  • Committee formation & and consistency

2023 – 2025 NMTC Strategic Plan

Capture and promote member priorities to develop a technology platform and advocacy in state and local governments. Monitor NMTC’s legislative wins and member engagement in advocacy.

Partner with governmental entities (state and local) to promote programs and resources that benefit the success of member organizations.

Support the STEAM talent pipeline through professional development programs.

Seek funding opportunities to support workforce and organizational development.

Monitor the local workforce market by tracking industry growth, job retention, pay scale, professional development needs, etc.

Strengthen awareness of NMTC throughout the state of New Mexico by enhancing outreach and exposure.

Grow the success of events through board member advocacy, and proactive planning, increasing attendance, relevance, and revenue.

Promote the value (ROI) of belonging in NMTC, monitoring recruitment and retention rates.


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