The New Mexico Tech Council (NMTC) is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization at the forefront of fostering technological advancement and innovation in the Land of Enchantment. Established with the vision of propelling New Mexico into a brighter future, NMTC serves as a catalyst for collaboration, education, and networking among businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, and tech enthusiasts. 

NMTC plays a pivotal role in uniting the diverse tech community in New Mexico and acts as a nexus where these stakeholders can come together to collaborate and build synergistic relationships. To achieve this, NMTC organizes a wide array of events throughout the year including the New Mexico Tech Summit, the New Mexico Women in Tech Awards, and many other networking sessions. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas, NMTC strives to create an environment that nurtures the development of tech-driven solutions to advance the local economy. 

To look at many of the Tech Council’s events, visit our events page and subscribe to our newsletter!

Meet Our Team

Mia Petersen
Mia PetersenExecutive Director
Stephanie Tarin
Stephanie TarinManager of Operations & Events
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